永續藝術的合創與想像 Collaboration and Imagination in Arts & Sustainability|Francis Sollano & Lua Rivera 系列個展

永續藝術的合創與想像 Collaboration and Imagination in Arts & Sustainability|Francis Sollano & Lua Rivera 系列個展

竹圍工作室一直以來在思考身為藝術創作者與非營利藝術組織在氣候變遷、環境永續等議題上能夠擔任什麼樣的角色,又具有何種社會責任?對於工作室而言,「永續藝術(Arts & Sustainability)」不單是一個鼓勵減少消耗的代名詞,也囊括了更深層的思考。

2016及2017年,竹圍工作室以「觸發改變的創藝連結(Creative Collaboration as Catalyst for Change)」命題,接待數十位國內外藝術家前來駐村,將藝術的「跨國/跨域合創」視為促成無國界文化交流的催化劑,同時透過參與式創作工作坊及藝術家座談,藉由藝術領導大眾深化與具體化對於環境永續的認知,其中不乏在在討論,從每一日的生活當中,我們到底能做什麼以改變現狀?

本次與再生藝術工坊合作此系列個展,邀請菲律賓藝術家Francis Sollano與墨西哥藝術家Lua Rivera以兩種不同的概念及手法切入,利用各式回收材料創作,並導入個人情感連結,期待以此作為藝術創作者融合環境友善理念與創作的範例。

永續藝術的合創與想像 Collaboration and Imagination in Arts & Sustainability
Francis Sollano & Lua Rivera 系列個展

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媽媽的後院 Mama’s Backyard (10/11-11/19)

「媽媽的後院(Mama’s Backyard)」由藝術家Francis Sollano與竹圍國小志工媽媽團經過六場工作坊的討論與設計概念、實作技法教學後,共同創作而成。此展覽的靈感源自於其在宿霧老家的生活記憶-被花團簇擁、大樹包圍,藝術家對於自然的愛好在早年時就被發掘,並經由他的創作推廣環境保育,鼓勵他人也一同發聲。同時此展覽也向藝術家的母親 Adelina Sollano 致敬,她將自己一生奉獻給家庭,創造出一個充滿自然景觀的生長環境。



關係鏈:來自藝術、生物與結構的對話 Nexus: A dialogue of art, biology and architecture (11/25-12/17)

對Lua Rivera來說,藝術會經由神經系統而被體驗到。她以實驗來認知,以創作來生存。藝術能夠讓她消除學科領域的界線;自由地與各領域互動,並且使她跨過藝廊的牆。Lua的藝術創作就像是生物在築巢、生長和適應環境。作為視覺藝術家,她善於持續探索和跨領域資源運用,包含:介入、拼貼、攝影和編織。



面對環境變遷這樣的大哉問,藝術也許無法告訴你解決方法,但它能夠提供新的思維模式,帶你跳脫現有的觀看角度,就如同如同Francis常掛在嘴邊的「You Live for Change」,他重新詮釋其所主導的非營利組織「Youth for a Livable Cebu」縮寫的定義,鼓勵所有人作出實質的行動,不因一己之力微薄而放棄,如同投石子到池塘中,掀起小小的漣漪,一旦將能量傳遞出去就有機會促成對話的空間與改變的可能。



協辦單位:美麗台灣關懷協會、竹圍國小、Youth For a Livable Cebu、再生藝術工坊

Collaboration and Imagination in Arts and Sustainability 
Francis Sollano and Lua Rivera series solo Exhibition 
1. Mama's Backyard by Francis Sollano 
2. Nexus: A dialogue of Art, biology and architecture by Lua Rivera 

Adviser: Ministry of Culture 
Organizer: Bamboo Curtain Studio 
Co-organizer: Creative Reuse Centre , Zhuwei Elementary School, Youth For Livable Cebu, Beautiful Taiwan Non-governmental Organization 

Bamboo Curtain Studio constantly contemplates on what role do we play and what responsibilities do we have as an art creator and a non-profit organization. To us at Bamboo Curtain Studio, arts and sustainability aren't just only a pronoun for reducing any forms of consumption, but also a deeper level of thinking. 

In the year of 2016 and 2017, Bamboo Curtain Studio set the theme to Creative Collaboration as Catalyst for Change and host dozens of artists from all over the globe. We see this transnational/ trans-border collaboration as an enzyme to bring upon cross-border cultural encounters, and also by holding participative workshops and artists forums, we seek to deepen and form a concrete concept on sustainable environment, in which we also discuss what we can change in our day-to-day life to introduce the change in the current situation. 

This time we again collaborate with Creative Reuse Centre, invited Filipino artist Francis Sollano and Mexican artist Lua Rivera to work with different concept and tactics, implementing new medium using recycled materials infused with personal emotional connections, hoping to set a good example of artists integrating the perception of friendly environment and creating artworks. 

Mama's backyard (10/11-11/19)

The formation of Mama's backyard went through six workshops and the teaching of series of designing concepts and techniques and was finally created by Francis Sollano with volunteers of Zhuwei elementary school. The idea of the exhibition comes from the living memory of Sollano's home in Cebu- the feeling of being surrounded by flowers and trees. Sollano's love for nature is an early discovery for himself, he dedicates his works to environment preservation, hoping to bring lights to other people and encourage the love for nature through his creative projects. This exhibition also dedicates to his loving mother Adelina Sollano, who gave all her life to her family and created an environment where nature is all around for her kids to grow. 

Francis' work combines commercial objects and conceptual dress designs, which builds up an easier idea for audiences to look for beauty in everyday life and objects. He utilizes the abandoned banners that Beautiful Taiwan Non-Governmental Organization has donated, demonstrates how to resuscitate a seemingly inutile object to life. Every fragment in his work represents an unique and specific technique such as sewing, folding and applique. 

Nexus: A dialogue of art, biology and architecture (11/25-12/17)

For Lua Rivera, art is experienced through the nervous system. She experiments to know and creates to survive. For her, art can erase the limits of disciplines; Interacts freely between them and allows her work to transcend the walls of the gallery. Lua bases her artistic work on processes such as nesting, growth and adaptation of organisms. As a visual artist, she distinguishes between her continuous search and use of multidisciplinary resources: intervention, collage, photography and textiles.

The exhibition titled Nexus shows a reflection on the survival skills of birds and humans. The house built with the body and for the body, is the theme turned into an installation that explores the relations humans and birds create with materials in their environment. These installation is comprised by objects woven and assembled by hand in mixed techniques using recolected materials from the Creative Reause center of Taipei, the compleate intallation measures approximately six meters By three meters.

With this piece the artist seeks to reinterpret and understand the overlooked but millenary relation that binds us together.

These specialized structures express themselves in a nonverbal communication. Weaved within the core of this complex situation, lies the intricate stories about waste and survival of the most fit. This project enters a zone of tension, and navigates between these juxtapose worlds taking inspiration from the organic and complex nesting process of birds.

Facing with such a big question like environmental change, art is maybe not the answer to it, but it provides us a new way to think and it also takes us to see things a different way, just like what Francis always says '' you live for change''. He reinterpreted the name of the organization he leads- Youth for a Livable Cebu, he encourages people to take actions and don't give up just because you are only one person. It's like throwing a small rock into a pond, however small it is, it always ripples. Once the energy is out there, there is always possibilities for starting a conversation or making a change. 

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