Resident artist: Electronic microscope and water testing workshop by Timbil the creative engineer | 4.26

This one-day workshop is a collaboration project with Timbil, the creative chemical engineer Mr. Chen, 4th-5th grade science teacher. In the morning, Timbil will demonstrate to the students how to create the electronic microscope using webcam. Afterward, the students will test the water quality, collected from Plum Tree Creek - A trip to the Plum Tree Creek will be led by Bamboo Curtain Studio in the afternoon. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate to the students how to apply science in their daily life; while raise environmental awareness.

Resident Artist Lin, Yen-Ju: Stream may be...... Pillow, Stone can Rinse......—Lin, Yen-Ju Solo Exhibition | 4.04-4.19

“Stream may be...... Pillow, Stone can Rinse......” is 2015 Bamboo Curtain Studio's New Emerging Artist Lin Yen-Ju’s two-month residency project. In the project, Lin attempted to find and create ways to connect with the land despite of the region’s contemporary congregate housing plans.

Hello, Taiwan/哩厚,歹丸 | 3.14 at 1a space (HK)

“Hello, Taiwan” invites young Taiwanese artist Pei-Hsuan Wang, and Bamboo Curtain Studio Marketing Manager Bess Lee to talk about art in contemporary Taiwan. What perspectives do emerging artists share, how are works developed in a time of rapid change, and what roles do artist collectives, new or established, play in the visual art world in Taiwan?


In their first solo exhibition in Taiwan, REICHRICHTER will present a group of new works which expand the instantiations of the ongoing project THE HOUSE AND THE WORLD by prints, plans, video, performance and writing.

International Residency Exchange Program Artist Talk: Creating, Connecting, and Producing in a Foreign Residency | 12.27

This talk is a collaboration event between Bamboo Curtain Studio and Taipei/Treasure Hill Artist Village. This talk invite exchange artists from both organization, come and share their international experience. The talk will cover topics in work development process, how to establish a local connection, how to overcome culture and language barrier, and etc. Artists will also be available to answer questions regarding his/her residency.

Bamboo Curtain Studio–Open Studio in Fall | 11.15

In "Bamboo Curtain Studio–Open Studio in Fall", BCS residency artist, from German, Sweden, France, Philippine, Thailand, and Indonesia, sharing their perspective and personal experience, and we have studio art tour, show case for you!


Alecia Neo: Unseen

In 2012, visual artist Alecia Neo embarked on her Taiwan residency at Bamboo Curtain Studio. Here she organised a one-month photography workshop with Eden Social Welfare Foundation, working with the visually-impaired to explore ways to express themselves through photography.

We wishes you a Happy Chinese Holiday and a New Year | The studio will reopen on 2014/3/2 (Mon).

Bamboo Curtain Studio wishes you a Happy Chinese Holiday and a New Year filled with prosperity and success.

Bamboo Curtain Studio’s partnership with 98B COLLABoratory

We are pleased to announce 98B COLLABoratory’s partnership with Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) in Taipei, Taiwan.

BCS “2015 Creative Talents Residency Program” Result Announcement

Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) “2015 Creative Talents Residency Program” awards 4 artist: Chiu Chih-Hua (Taiwan), Lin Yen-Ju (Taiwan), Macarena Yanez (Chile) and Michelle Rosenberg (Great Britain). Each artist is award 2 months free living or exhibition space at Bamboo Curtain Studio.

Happy new year and new announcement from Bamboo Curtain Studio!

Dear friends and colleagues of BCS, It is time to wish everyone a great year 2015.


Mending the Broken Land with Water” is a sub title of this project. It means water is essential to life, and it has the ability to cross borders, connecting and gathering people who are concerned about the land we live on, as well as issues of urban development and boundless expansion.   —Wu Mali


My project at the Bamboo Curtain Studio was crucial in the development of my work. At the time it was one of the few places in Taiwan that was open and welcome of installation projects. Due to the large scale of the exhibition space it gave me the opportunity to work in a scale that would later go on to define my work. -- Michael Lin

Featured Resident Artist

Andrea continues these connections between individual and global neighbours; setting her own small backyard coastal model against the larger scale mod... Read More