Art as Social Interaction--Hong Kong/Taiwan Exchange | HK 10.17-11.23 KH 12.09-12.21

Discover how art intervenes in society in "Art as Social Interaction--Hong Kong/Taiwan Exchange.

WU Ma-Li & Bamboo Curtain Studio: YES, TAIWAN - 2014 Taiwan Biennial

This year’s YES, TAIWAN - Taiwan Biennial will once again place emphasis on art exhibitions and events that have taken place in Taiwan in the last two years (2012~2013).

2014 Summer Open Studio of Bamboo Curtain Studio

Let's have with artists! "Dinner with artists" open to reservation!

Bamboo Dai Pai Dong - HONG KONG NIGHT | 8.13 18:00

Bamboo Curtain Studio invites everyone to come and say goodbye to our 2014 International Exchange Artist Reds Cheung, selected and exchanged with Hong Kong ONE A Space. Reds Cheung is an installation artist who teaches at HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity and curated exhibition with HK MAD. In this farewell party, he will share his views, as an observer, on the culture environment differences between Taiwan and Hong Kong, after traveling all over Taiwan.

綠川計畫成果展(台灣)| Green River Project Exhibition (Part-1 Taiwan)

The departure point of ‘Green River Project’ concept is to expose the disguise of massive developments of cities while destroying natural resources and ecosystem. Since cities have developed around rivers and the population concentrating to the cities, transportation, economy and culture always follow these developments of cities. Cities were born based on rivers. On the contrary, cities have lost their original appearance for the sake of their ‘future vision’. If rivers vanish from every city, what will happen in our life?

BCS 2014 Emerging Artist, Pei-Ju Yeh: Another Wonderland | 6.29-7.29

Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) proudly presents the 2014 Emerging Artist Pei-Ju Yeh’s solo exhibition “Another Wonderland.” This exhibition features two works created by the Artist during her two months residency at BCS. Each year, since 2009, BCS invites 4 to 5 young and talented artists from all over the world to lives and works at the studio. From June 29th to July 29th, Pei-Ju Yeh will exhibit her residency works in the glass room and on the sidewall of BCS.


2015 Bamboo Curtain Studio Creative Talents Program OPEN CALL

Bamboo Curtain Studio will celebrates the 20th anniversaries in the upcoming year of 2015. In celebration of this special occasion, the 2015 “Creative Talents” program specifically open call to artists interesting in collaborate with our award winning Plum Tree Creek Project, an environmental and community engage project that focus to promote sustainability.

come fill our “SPACE” with your “CREATIVITY” | Experiment, Young and Emerging, Arts in Residency, Creative Space, Low Carbon and Sustainable Life Style, Independent Workspace.

We invite artist to come and do experiments that challenge and recreate this special space, locates outside Taipei city. Come and fill you creativity in our 2,645m site.

BCS JOB VACANCIES: Executive Assistant

Ms. Margaret Shiu is the director of Bamboo Curtain Studio. Your task is to work with her closely to meet her needs as executive secretary to follow up both, in English and Chinese.

2015 Yingge Ceramics Museum Artist-in-Resident Wanted | deadline: Sep. 30

The Yingge Ceramics Museum was opened in 2000. Since then, the museum has dedicated itself to preserving the town’s cultural legacy while instilling new energy into the area. With such conviction, we decide to encourage ceramic artists, both local and foreign, to come experiencing the life in a pottery town through a one-to-three-month short-term residency program.

Exchange residency: Bamboo Curtain Studio and Sàn Art (Vietnam)

Bamboo Curtain Studio and San Art have partnered up for another year in a residency exchange program. 2013 saw artist Lena Bui travel to Taiwan (read her story here); this year, San Art Laboratory welcomes artist Chou Chien-Pang from Taiwan in Ho Chi Minh City for a 4-week residency in July.

2014 | We Taipei Ren: Bamboo Curtain Studio

Bamboo Curtain Studio was founded by a Hong Kong ceramic artist/ curator Margaret Shiu in 1997, Even though Shiu is not originally from Taiwan, but has been calling Taiwan home for almost 4 decades, today's Bamboo Curtain Studio, once a chicken farm has transformed into an artists' studio, you are still able to see those old sheds now became for exhibition or theatre use.


My project at the Bamboo Curtain Studio was crucial in the development of my work. At the time it was one of the few places in Taiwan that was open and welcome of installation projects. Due to the large scale of the exhibition space it gave me the opportunity to work in a scale that would later go on to define my work. -- Michael Lin

Featured Resident Artist

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