Workshop: Culture of antique ceramic beads, Paiwan

2012/08/18  13:30 - 18:00
02-88093809 | 02-28081465

Registering in advance is essential. Please prepare a photo of yourself and print it out on size A4 paper.

Qulivangerhau is telling the story of samiring, one of culture, life and rhythm.
Qulivangerhau is colour, the symbolic of aesthetic interpretation.
Listen! Vuvu is singing—Set up my swings with glass beads! Let me, my sorrow and beauty sway and fly away with the wind, becoming red, orange, yellow, green and beautiful qulivangerhau.
With me swinging across time and space, and using new media to feel different cultural rhythm by way of the qulivangerhau, I join with the samiring and try to find the lost puzzle while carrying on singing the song of Vuvu, on and on…

Let us use every bead that is filled with aesthetics and culture to enjoy a feast of Paiwan culture.

Qulivangerhau:means the rainbow in the Paiwan language
Samiring: means everlasting and valuable aesthetics
Vuvu:means grandma/ grandpa, or grandson/ daughte

【Workshop: Culture of antique ceramic beads, Paiwan】
Location: Bamboo Curtain Studio
Date: 2012/8/18
Time: 13:30-16:00
Participants: over 15 years old, interested in ceramic beads or handicraft
Number of people: 15-20
Note: Registering in advance is essential. Please prepare a photo of yourself and print it out on size A4 paper.

【Artist Talk】
Location: Bamboo Curtain Studio
Date: 2012/8/18
Time: 16:00-18:00
Artist:Wu Shu-Lun, Arya Pandjalu, Adam Avikainen


1. 16:15-16:45
Artist: Adam Avikainen
Topic: The project for Taipei Biennale 2012(work-in-process)
2. 16:45-17:15
Artist: Arya Pandjalu
Topic: My Work, Cemeti Art House and Indonesian Culture Environment
3. 17:15-17:45
Artist: 吳淑倫Wu Hsu Lun
Topic: From ancient Paiwan Culture to current environment issues in Taitung, Taiwan

【About Artist】
Currently, Shu Lun works as the creative product designer, education trainer, and marketing / management consultant for the Ba-Yi Women Craft Workshop of Chia-Lan Village, Jin-Fong District in Taitung County. She has been conducting research in Paiwan culture for a long time. The topic of her MA dissertation is about traditional glass beads of Paiwan. She has visited ceramic workshop at the Stuttgart University of Arts. She has curated several exhibitions related to the introduction of traditional Paiwan glass beads in Taitung Sugar Factory, Taitung Eslite Story House, and National Dong Hwa University. More information please check into Wu Shu-Lun


【Sponsor Unit】

【Co-sponsor Unit】
Taitung Railway Art VillageCemeti Art HouseTaipei Fine Art Museum

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