Workshop: Process of Body Stencil

2012/08/18  10:00 - 17:00
02-88093809 | 02-28081465

Please register in advance so that we can prepare materials for you.

【About Workshop】
Everyone has a natural born body laguage to express self emotions and feelings. But how can we document our body languages?

In this workshop. Arya Pandjalu wants everyone to apply the concepts of “ pre-historical cave painting” and stencil the shapes of our bodies onto the paper. By using a piece of fabric and scissors, our body will become more moving and delicate than the written word. Come and play! Let’s us this “body” concept to express our personal feelings!

The result of this workshop will be shown from 20-26 August at the Bamboo Curtain Studio.

Artist: Arya Pandjalu(Indonesian artist)
Number of participants: 10-12
Ages limits: 9 years old and above; accompanying adult also welcome

Date: Saturday, 18th August
Workshop hours: 10:00-15:00(lunch break: 12:00-12:30)
Venue: the Lab, Bamboo Curtain Studio
Tools: a piece of fabric to be used in the workshop, scissors,towel(for body-wiping afterwards)
Note: please register in advance so that we can prepare materials for you

【Artist Talk】
Location: Bamboo Curtain Studio
Date: 2012/8/18
Time: 16:00-18:00
Artist:Wu Shu-Lun, Arya Pandjalu, Adam Avikainen


1. 16:15-16:45
Artist: Adam Avikainen
Topic: The project for Taipei Biennale 2012(work-in-process)
2. 16:45-17:15
Artist: Arya Pandjalu
Topic: My Work, Cemeti Art House and Indonesian Culture Environment
3. 17:15-17:45
Artist: 吳淑倫Wu Hsu Lun
Topic: From ancient Paiwan Culture to current environment issues in Taitung, Taiwan

【About Artist】
As an Indonesian artist, he studied printmaking at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, graduating in 2005. His work focuses on social and personal storytelling through installation, printmaking, painting, sculpture and performance.In recent years, his focus is on working with paper because it is a simple and unique medium which can be found in many traditions and is above all environment-friendly.

He has participated in the Sama-Sama Mural Project 2003 in San Francisco, Landing Soon Residency programme at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta in 2006, and in 2010 a residency at Kosmopolis in The Netherlands.


【Sponsor Unit】

【Co-sponsor Unit】
Taitung Railway Art VillageCemeti Art HouseTaipei Fine Art Museum

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