Residency Program

Wen-Chih Wang, 2015 (Photo by Chiu Chih Hua)

The Bamboo Curtain Studio aims to assist in the further understanding and development of emerging art trends in Taiwan. It endeavors to promote cross-cultural exchanges by lifting barriers, and provides a creative environment for needed time, space and facilities for production, residencies on site, servicing artists in their research, testing and trial run of their products and services. We welcome creative talents from national and international art related fields, for short stay or specific projects.

The BCS is a reused farm complex of 2,645 sq meter / 28,467 sq ft with five artists-in-residency rooms and studios; space for exhibition, multi functional performance; exchange center; ceramics & sculpture studio; community kitchen, and outdoor stage, plaza and gardens. Our studio is situated along the bicycle path of the Tamsui riverbank. It is 10-minutes walking distance to the MRT ZhuWei Station, and about 30 minutes commute to downtown Taipei.

Creative Talents Program

In Art We Trust is the theme chosen to celebrate Bamboo Curtain Studio’s 25th anniversary. We trust because we believe in art. Here we would like to invite artists in all fields, be it visual art, performing art, interdisciplinary art, sound art, or bio art, and all kinds of arts practitioners, be it curator, art critic, arts administrator, architect, designer, plant artist or chef, to join us in talking about network, action, diffusion and impact. Read More...

Regular Residency Program

Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1995. The goal of BCS is to encourage cross-cultural exchanges, national and international, by providing a platform that stimulate new ideas and possibilities. BCS welcome artist/curator/researcher/ creative worker from around the world for a short residency at BCS. Read More...
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