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2019 竹圍工作室夏季開放日+《藝態食譜/補》— 食物藝術影像展
BCS Summer Open Day & “Recipe About Art” Food Art/ Film Exhibition

*活動時間 Events Time & Dates:06.22-23 13:00-19:00
*展覽時間 Exhibition Time & Dates:06.22-30 13:00-18:00
*地點 Venue:竹圍工作室 Bamboo Curtain Studio

*活動內容 Events:
—— 展覽 Exhibition ——
張瓊如陶藝展 Joan Chang's Ceramic Exhibition
Ria Rajan 駐村成果展 Ria Rajan's Residency Exhibition
Ananda Serné 駐村成果展 Ananda Serné's Residency Exhibition
《藝態食譜/補》食物藝術影像展 “Recipe About Art” Food Art/ Film Exhibition

── 活動 Activities ──
定時園區導覽 BCS Tour|14:00, 15:30
系列手作工作坊 Hand-made Workshops|13:00-19:00
環境友善迷你市集 Mini Eco-friendly Market|13:00-19:00
身聲劇場大地樂器館開放 Sunson Theatre Instrument Museum Open Studio|13:00-18:00
嚼嚼烹調:藝術家劉純良聲音演出 Liu Chun Liang’s Food & Sound Performance

──講座 Talks ──
國際駐村藝術家座談會 International Residency Artist Talk|17:00-18:30
《藝態食譜/補》食物藝術影像放映座談會 Food Art Film Screening & Talk|6/16,22,23,29






《藝態食譜/補》食物藝術影像展 “Recipe About Art” Food Art/ Film Exhibition





In Mandarin, "Pu(譜)" can be associated with musical symbols and recipes, and this crosses two different senses, using visual symbols to record how to reproduce the sense of hearing or taste. Among them, the recipe is based on local customs, developing unique local texture and distinctive features, becoming another kind of cultural expression. In another way, we may not have a cultural environment in which we can use the same language as the cultural background of other countries, but we can view the cultural background behind the scenes. Also, it is the same way that art can be applied through various combinations of different types of characters.

Another word “Bu(補)” can be interpreted as nourishing, supplement, and repair. Artists with their own experience that reflecting the needs and desire, are trying to achieve a dynamic balance through art creations. The rise of environmental awareness could be the inevitable reflection and feedback of human society in order to compensate for the harm caused by the development of human society. In this context, art as an amplifier, raising the voice of each appeal, let more people see the presence and threat of the issue.

Art is like liquid, that has never been fixed in any forms. Art may mislead people into believing that it only functions as a superficial decoration, but always amaze the audience in one magic moment while flipping the ideology. Fermentation is said to be a cold fire that is sufficient to reverse the existence of things. That’s how we find similarities between yeast and art, that both work silent but ceaseless until the dull senses of human beings finally found their little efforts accumulating that makes the enormous change.

The exhibition includes artists from Europe, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan. Abstracting from the artists’ own life experiences, taking food as the core topic, linking to the environment and ecological issues at different levels of senses, to create more discussions and resonance.

|參展藝術家 Artists:

聆聽・時間・發酵|劉純良 Liu Chun Liang
B+|CC—Anjo Bolarda & Issay
下一餐 The Next Meal|程仁珮 Cheng Jen Pei
Kadija de Paula

|參展錄像作品 Vedio Works:(陸續更新中 keep updating..)

Learning To Live With the Enemy|Pedro Neves Marques
Fresh|Ben Hagari
Fugue in B-flat|Jessica Segall
Zzzzzzzzzz|Jessica Segall
De tosti-fabriek|Vera Anne Bachrach
The Fantastic Voyage|Stefani Bardin
Ready When You Are|De Onkruidenier
TUNA|羅晟文 Sheng-wen Lo
Amsterdam Lunch|陳臻 Chen Jhen


贊助單位 Sponser:
國藝會 The National Culture and Arts Foundation
華碩文教基金會 ASUS Foundation

協辦單位 Co-organizer :Jan Van Eyck Academie
視覺設計 Visual Designer:陳向榮 Hsiang-Jung Chen
特別感謝 Special Thanks to :Yasmine Ostendorf



|展出作品介紹 Introduction of art works:

Learning To Live With the Enemy|Pedro Neves Marques|9:35


Shot in inner Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in a landscape transformed by the monoculture agriculture of transgenic soy, maize and sugar cane, the film follows the process of transforming soy crops into biodiesel, from the moment of harvest to the workflow of one of the main biodiesel processing factories in the region. Taken from a diary written by the director, one reads, directly on the image: What kind of life lies in transgenic seeds? And what does it mean to live with the enemy?


Fresh|Ben Hagari|16:00



The film Fresh introduces a hypothetical situation wherein a man, covered entirely in vegetables yet still recognizable as human, resides in a greenhouse—the quintessential hybrid of nature and culture. He interacts with insects, machines, and other humans in encounters that border on the absurd: a polygraph tests his emotional responses to images of plant life; a chef harvests vegetable from his body that are subsequently carved into fully functional musical instruments.

Here, a quasi-nature documentary transforms into an experimental concert and animal, vegetable, and mineral interact and overlap in surprising ways.


Fugue in B-flat|Jessica Segall|04:08


Fugue in B Flat,2016 is a grand piano modified into a beehive. The sound of the bees interacting with the piano strings is amplified via live feed from a contact microphone on the piano soundboard. Fugue in B Flat is a time–based sculpture with visual and audio feedback of a natural system of logic and survival colonizing a man-made system of order and harmony.


Zzzzzzzzzz|Jessica Segall|01:41

Zzzzzzzzzz 是一個動態、功能性雕塑,由一組客製化多功能床組成。它的抽屜櫃配備了朗式蜂箱,床底下有四個使用中的蜂巢。蜜蜂們的日間作息與人類相同,日落時回到家中,清晨離開蜂窩。去年二月,我跟隨著養蜂車的行程採集雕塑樣本,經過的目的地包含了世界上最大的蜜源:加州二月裡盛開的杏花支持了國內大半的商業蜂農。

Zzzzzzzzzz is a mobile, functional sculpture. It consists of a custom-made captain’s bed. Its drawers are outfitted with langstroth - style beehive frames that house four active beehives under the bed. Bees have the same diurnal cycle as humans, returning home at dusk, and leaving the hive in late morning.  Last February, I took the sculpture on an itinerary following the mobile beekeeping industry. Destinations included the largest pollination effort on earth: a February almond bloom in California that supports almost half of the commercial beekeepers in the country. 


De tosti-fabriek|Vera Anne Bachrach|03:49


A project in which a group of young artists explored if it would be possible to grow a toastie (ham/cheese sandwich) from scratch. In the city of Amsterdam they grew their own grains, kept their own cows for milk and bought piglets who would become ham. It seemed simple but proved to be quite a challenge......


The Fantastic Voyage|Stefani Bardin|04:05

M2ATM : The Fantastic Voyage是一個沈浸式藝術裝置,整個主題圍繞一個史無前例的臨床研究—使用M2A膠囊和Smart Pill無線胃腸醫學設備來觀察人體對加工食品的反應。M2A膠囊記錄影像、Smart Pill追蹤、記錄腸道(GI)時間、壓力和PH值。

Bardin與哈佛醫學院—麻薩諸塞州綜合醫院消化內科的Braden Lou博士(紐約大學營養學家Lisa Sasson提供了額外支持)合作,使用兩種藥丸進行兩項初步實驗。

M2ATM : The Fantastic Voyage is an immersive installation built around the first ever clinical study to use the M2ATM Capsule and SmartPill wireless gastroen- terology devices to look at how the human body responds to processed versus whole foods. The M2ATM Capsule records video and the SmartPillcollects time, pressure, and pH data both from within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Bardin has been working with gastroenterologist Dr. Braden Kuo of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital (with additional support from Nutritionist Lisa Sasson at NYU) to enact two initial investigative trial using both of the pills.


Ready When You Are|De Onkruidenier|03:04

De Onkruidenier 在大自然中探索野生植物,賦予它們在日常生活中新的意義,充當著野外雜食供應商的的角色。他們在當地進行藝術實地考察、實驗,同時學習那些早已被我們所遺忘的知識,De Onkruidenier為我們與植物和大自然的關係創造了新的解釋。該短片是為Zuiderzee博物館(恩克赫伊森,荷蘭)特別拍攝,該博物館致力於保護古城須德海區域特有的文化遺產和海洋歷史。在影片中,展示了De Onkruidenier在荷蘭的攔海大堤上的作品,這個大堤創造了艾瑟爾人工淡水湖。這個作品是他們正在進行的「Sweet-Sweat」的一部分,該計劃主要探索人類與植物的耐鹽性。

De Onkruidenier explores the dimension of wild plants in nature, giving them new meaning in our daily lives, acting as foraging grocers. Doing artistic fieldwork, experiments and learning from forgotten knowledge de Onkruidenier creates new interpretations on our relationship with plants and nature. This film was made for the Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen, a museum devoted to preserving the cultural heritage and maritime history from the old Zuiderzee region. It showcases the work of the Onkruidenier on the Dutch 'Afsluitdijk' the dike that creates the 'IJsselmeer' - an artificial fresh water lake. The work is part of their ongoing research 'SWEET -SWEAT', an exploration into ha- lo-tolerance in humans and plants.


TUNA|羅晟文 Sheng-wen Lo|遊戲 Video Game

關於過漁與永續漁法的電玩。觀眾可以誘捕黃鰭鮪魚(超市常見的近危魚種),從過漁與遊戲畫面推理如何才能永續作業。本次展覽裝置於漁船囤放漁獲的艙體內,是我在Atlas Initiatief(前波蘭漁船)駐村(2017年五-七月)的成果發表。

In this game, the player catch yellow-fin tuna, a common fish sold in supermarkets but listed "Near Threatened" in the IUCN red list. The player can easily experience the consequences of overfishing, and have to figure out how to fish sustainably. This is the result of my artist in residence period (May-July.2017) on Atlas Initiatief, a former fishing vessel. Great thanks to Laura Schippers and Stijn de Geus for the opportunity and kind help.


Amsterdam Lunch|陳臻 Chen Jhen|26:03

記憶在研究中有著顯著的作用。人類所做的所有記錄都不可避免地受到記憶的影響。我對記憶如何改變現實的狀態非常感興趣。 2017 年初,當我在阿姆斯特丹的一家設計工作室實習時,我深刻感受到自己是歐洲文化中的局外人,因為我經常無法在午餐時間識別餐桌上的食物,如何吃,食物組合,和食用的順序......等。由於我渴望成為群體的一員,我開始模仿其他人所做的事情。我偷偷記住並記下坐在我面前的同事的行為,包括用多少手指拿一片麵包,如何在麵包上抹醬等。幾個月後,哲昇,一個背景與我相似的表演者-最初來自台灣,在荷蘭學習和工作-與我討論如何重演這個場景。我們將筆記重寫成一個劇本。在這個過程中,許多無法記住的細節必須依賴幻想。這是記憶的第一次演變。後來,我邀請哲昇演出這個劇本,我即時觀看,並立即給予指導和糾正。此刻,我的記憶第二次演變,並與表演者的詮釋結合。在經過多次翻譯和質變後,午餐場景的「事實」變成了一個以研究為名的幻想故事。該項目得益於電影專家 Tim Rutten 的技術和概念支持以及人類學家 IsabelleMakay 和聲音設計師 Ana Guedes 的現場指導。

Memory plays an important role in research. All the records made by humans are unavoidably influenced by memory. I am very interested in how memory de-forms the state of reality. When I worked as an intern at a design studio in Amsterdam in early 2017, I felt an outsider of European culture, as I often couldn’t identify the food on the table during the lunch time, how to eat it, how to combine ingredients, and the order of eating...etc. Due to my desperate desire to become part of the group, I began to mimic what the other people do. I secretly memorize and took notes on actions of the colleagues sitting in front of me, including how many fingers to use to take one slice of bread, how to spread sauce on the bread, etc.

A few months later, Chang Che Shen, a performer with a background similar to mine , — originally from Taiwan, studying and working in the Netherlands—discussed with me how to represent the scenes. We shaped the notes into a performance script. In the process, many details that cannot be remembered must be filled with fantasy. This is the first evolution of memory. Later, I invited Che Shen to perform this script, I watched it and gave immediate guidance and correction. At this moment, my memory evolved for the second time and merged with the performer’s interpretation. The former “facts” of the lunch scene, after many translations and qualitative changes, turned into a fantasy story in the name of research. The project benefited from the technical and conceptual support of film expert Tim Rutten and the field experience of anthropologist Isabelle Makay and sound designer Ana Guedes.


下一餐 The Next Meal|程仁珮 Chen Jen Pei|攝影與文件、行動裝置



CHENG Jen-Pei utilizes food as the catalyst to explore the difference between local customs and her self-culture. Keelung - the most important harbor in Taiwan, with it as the imagination of the point.She investigated local industries in the city depending on the Ocean: fishing industries and logistics/ transportation industry, whether the declining industries will be disappeared, continued or interrupted with time in the future.

The artist do interviews with local fisherman and the marine fishery, she collected stories and changes to conduct a survey. Through collecting and researching of local food, city environment and citizen’s customs, the artist will extend her own observation to the imagination of Keeling, conveying the future food and fabricated stories constructed by imagination through photography and document. By narrating city fragments collected in Keelung, the artist will realize the appearance of future food and the ways of eating, and deduce issues that the global will be facing in the future.

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