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April 15,2013


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  Plum Tree Creek

Wild Bird Federation Director Ho’s introduction to bird watching

Organized by Tamkang Community College professor Chen Chien-Chih, the Director of the Taipei Bird Federation was invited to share a report on the birds in Plum Tree Creek on the evening of February 22nd.

  Plum Tree Creek

Plum Tree Creek Basin spring bird-watching trip

Early in the morning on February 23rd, the Taipei Wild Bird Federation bird-watching group led an exploration to view the conditions of birds in the Plum Tree Creek Basin. After listening to the Director’s introduction to bird watching the previous night, the participants were anxious to discover the area.

  Plum Tree Creek

Plum Tree Creek facebook group

Finally! We have established a “Plum Tree Creek” facebook group with the contribution of concerned friends. Everyone is welcome to join and follow our environmental and cooperative activity.

  Green Map

Green Map Workshop

The Green Map Workshop emphasizes personal visits to local community attractions and encourages participation in the drawing process. We hope that understanding our environment will lead to a greater concern for maintaining the environment among residents, as well as a willingness to make lifestyle changes and work towards a harmless relationship with earth.

  Plum Tree Creek

“Plum Tree Creek Environmental Art Action Exhibition” | Finalist of the 11th Taishin Arts Award

Supported by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, the Taiwan Contemporary Art Award’s “Taishin Arts Award” recently celebrated its eleventh year. The review committee selected fifteen finalists, including ten performing art works and five works by visual artists.


  Artist-in-Residence Taipei

Artist-in-Residence Taipei open call | Deadline: June 03

The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Taipei Artist Village, and the Treasure Hill Artist Village are working together domestically and internationally to provide subsidies for the Resident Artists Program. Artists are encouraged to register online. The selection results will be posted on the Artist-in-Residence Taipei website by September 2013. Only selected artists will be informed by email.

  BCS Project Intern

Bamboo Curtain Studio seeking Project Intern

Bamboo Curtain Studio is seeking an Intern for the “Landscape between Art Veranda Project II.” Responsibilities include: observing Creative Teaching classes at the Elementary School of Art and Humanities, assisting with records, updating the project website, and posting activity results. Internship includes full transportation and certificate of internship completion.


Alain Ramos



Visual Arts | Mexico
Drawing is the freedom of your tears,
Of you pears.
Drawing as the center of the circle,
You draw planets.
Drawing as a personal mythology,
Sculpting the mask.
Drawing is the spirit of the hand,
Your first ritual.
Line as bone.
Drawing is two triangles forming a star,
You draw your silence.



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