Margaret Shiu Receives the Aveda Daymaker Award for her Efforts in Promoting Artistic Exchange

Studio News

A wonderful afternoon for the Daymakers began at the Eslite Bookstore (Xinyi Dis.) in the warm winter sun…

The ceremony for the 6th Aveda Daymaker Award was simple and elegant. Ping Chu, the founder for Aveda, talked about how the inspiration for the Award came from gratitude for persons devoted to arts and culture, and also emphasized the importance of a simple gesture of kindness in one’s life that could make a difference to the others. He mentioned that every Daymaker Award recipient not only shows and practices this kindness but also moreover inspires others to do the same.

Suming, the Taiwanese aborigine musician, was invite to open the ceremony with music. The Awardees Lilin Hsu, Margaret Shiu, and Vivien Huai-Chun Ku then each gave a speech. Ping Chu followed by presenting the exclusive Daymaker gift, exquisite perfume, to show his gratitude for the Award recipients.

Margaret Shiu talked about the stories of Bamboo Curtain Studio in the past 19 years, including the exhibitions by Tsong Pu, Michael Lin, Wang Te-Yu, as well as the recent efforts in conducting international artistic exchange and in the construction of a digital platform for residency sites worldwide. Bamboo Curtain Studio is not only a cradle for artists, but also an incubator and broadcaster for the arts and culture in Taiwan.

Lilin Hsu talked about XueXue Institute’s XueXue Colors, a project that imagines the colors of Taiwan through local artworks and furthermore applies the colors into disciplines such as fashion and design. Part of the project, the interactive platform for colors can even be accessed through social media such as Facebook. Vivien Huai-Chun Ku shared her personal stories growing up. Her animated way of storytelling brought upon much laughter and tears.

After each Awardee had given her speech, Ping Chu reiterated his gratitude and asked Pierre H. Loisel to share a few words. The wonderful award ceremony ended with much joy.

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