Radish for New Year’s Luck: A Workshop Documentation

Studio News

The Monthly Recipe Workshop Series kicked off under sunny skies in Zhuwei!

Pei-Hsuan Wang and Joan Chang, resident artists at Bamboo Curtain Studio, along with the residents in the Zhuwei area made the traditional Red Envelopes together. Locally produced radishes, considered a kind of vegetable that brings in good luck, were utilized as materials for the workshop. In addition to providing knowledge about the specific vegetable, the session also presented excellent opportunities for the community members to get to know each other.

The artist instructors taught the attendees how to make the envelopes from scratch, create original drawings, carve out radish stamps, and print on the freshly made envelopes. There was a family at the workshop together. All the envelopes that were created by this family of a father, mother, and daughter shared similar artistic touch. Giving out handmade Red Envelopes during Lunar New Year’s gatherings would mean sharing one’s creativity and sincerity.

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