Results of 2016 Bamboo Curtain Studio Creative Talents Program OPEN CALL

Studio News

Bamboo Curtain Studio have devoted into issues about ecology, community and the sustainable development in nature over the past years. We entitle the Creative Talents Program in 2016 as “Creative Collaboration as Catalyst for Change”, and we are glad for inviting these artists to join us, each artist is award 2 months free living or exhibition space at Bamboo Curtain Studio.

Selected List

Lin Chen-Wei
Nationality: Taiwan
Disciplines: Visual Arts
Project: 異鄉洄游:湄公河/淡水河的記憶與再現

CHEN Han-Sheng
Nationality: Taiwan
Disciplines: Visual Arts
Project: 共生苗–竹圍

Koh Wan Ching
Nationality: Singapore
Disciplines: Performing Arts
Project: Working Title: Resettlement/移徙

Shoko Aso
Nationality: Japan
Disciplines: Visual Arts
Project: What is the color that brings you good luck?

Alternative List

Green Root Lab organization (Eva Bubla and Lilli T_lp)
Nationality: Indonesia
Disciplines: Interdisciplinary
Project: Build your Green

Loh Xiang Yun
Nationality: Singapore
Disciplines: Visual Arts


Margaret Shiu Artistic Director/Founder of Bamboo Curtain Studio
Su Yao-Hua Arts Manager, Curator, Educator
Leonson Ng Director of Sun Son Theater
Chia-Jen Chen Director of Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC)
Paul Hu Photographer

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