"My Womb, My Mother Earth" Third Series in 12 Bamboo

Studio News

The last phase “Nest” the story of deer and eagle:
On 19th of August, “Nest” will be exhibited at Bamboo Curtain Studio, Dansui. The inspiration of the weaving installation artwork “Nest” was derive from the forest. The first phase “Returning to the Womb”, we focus on the exploration and transmutation of individual life; coming to the last phase, every elements is integrated. Through the installation artwork we pay our respect to mother earth. She is inclusive for all things on earth, no matter good or bad; She is open minded, extensive and fluid in one.

My Womb, My Mother Earth Art Project took two years before it is realized, grew up with us and entering the third year. The origin of the project is coming from curiosity, about the womb, the women and the story of mother earth; therefore, I started my journey to explore the origin of life.

Entering into five countries, this art project collected nearly 200 womb drawing pieces, more than 100 volunteers were co-worked on huge weaving creation, as well as the perfect midwives team who spurred the exhibition, this team contain artist, cloth designer, carpenter, students, farmer, dancer, therapist, mother and kids, student, cute grannies and so on. It is such a beautiful story we weaved together. The two large installation weaving art work were created by all of us, including the first phase “returning the womb” and the second phase “ Rebirth of twin snakes“. Each of us put our own energy into it during the creation process, to generate how it is look like. Thank you for all who participated, it is so beautifully exudes light because of you.

Every womb has its own story, about the origin of life, home, death, the sensation of life, about you and me; it is not only an organ, but with soul and feelings, she has the feeling of sad, happiness and glowing just like you and me.

This art project has gone through 3 years, with new transmutation and feeling, it’s time for Homecoming.


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