Final Results Announcement of BCS "2018 Creative Talents Program"

Studio News

Bamboo Curtain Studio is a place where artists can feel free to dream, to create, to experience and to practice. We believe the ability to innovate creatively is the core of any civil society. we also affirm every person’s capability in creating solutions to problems. We need the courage and the spirit of exploring and to think outside of the box.

In the year of 2018, we will introduce the theme of ''Rule of Game'' for our studio’s Creative Talent program. we wish to investigate how different settings hold different rules of the game. By having the freedom of choice, one maneuver under the limitations within a game, one will make various encounters with people, building up communities under these social occasions, going forward making mutual influences, and pave the way to taking actions. What's interesting is, because people are in the equation, after they make the first contact, they also make impacts on each other via these interactions. While resolving conflict and disagreements, they lead each other towards changes in rules.

Selected Artists of 2018 Creative Talents Program

姓名 Name :林思駿 Lin Szu Chun
國籍 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
領域 Type of Art:視覺藝術 Visual Arts
計畫名稱 Project Title:台北河堤瘋狂史 / Rhapsody of Riverbank in Taipei

姓名 Name :Cut and Rescue
國籍 Nationality:印尼 Indonesia
領域 Type of Art:社區藝術 Community Arts
計畫名稱 Project Title:Fusion Olympics

姓名 Name :Judha Su
國籍 Nationality:泰國 Thailand
領域 Type of Art:寫作 Writing
計畫名稱 Project Title:Writing in Critical Constellations vol.2 (tortoise): "scaling the body of knowledge- how is reading and writing working as a catalyst to social imagination."

姓名 Name :鄭惠文 Fiona Cheng
國籍 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
領域 Type of Art:藝術評論/研究 Art Criticism / Research
計畫名稱 Project Title:Those Art Critics in the Town/台北(台灣)藝術評論生態發表計畫

備選名單 Waiting List:

姓名 Name :Carey Lin / Stairwell's
國籍 Nationality:美國 U.S.
領域 Type of Art:社會實踐 Social Practice
計畫名稱 Project Title:Stairwell's Field Trips (Artist-led Walking Tours in Taipei)

本次評審 Judges:

蕭麗虹 (竹圍工作室創辦人)
洪秉綺 (竹圍工作室營運總監)
劉星佑 (走路草農藝工作室藝術家 / 策展人 / 藝評)
姚立群 (牯嶺街小劇場館長)
邱俊達 (策展人 / 藝評)

Margaret Shiu (Founder of Bamboo Curtain Studio)
Iris Hung (Managing Director of Bamboo Curtain Studio)
Liu Hsin You (Walking Grass Agriculture Artist / Curator / Art Critic)
Yao Lee Chun (Director of Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre)
Yves Chiu (Curator / Art Critic)

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