Art News from Margaret Shiu of BCS #06:Christmas is here and we are ringing in a new decade!

Art News from Margaret Shiu

Christmas is here and we are ringing in a new decade!

‘‘Tis the time to be merry! “
But it’s a time for reflection too….while we are having a good time with friends and family over the holidays, I had my moment in transit, from my holiday from Australia to New Zealand with my family.

As we end the year, we are witnessing numerous accounts of economic and political clashes, social conflict of inequalities of the masses. Mother nature is also fighting back up front, with fire , water and earth in ways beyond normal parameters! Right here the smog outside the hotel window in Sydney is not like anything I am used to see, the forest fire is still on and koalas are least able to run away from that heat ! Very sobering thoughts as I see these ever sleepy creatures in the zoo. Not to mention the unique platypus , variety of kangaroos and exotic birds beyond imagination, all native only to this continent …. How can we human put them at risk?

Let us hope the new decade tobe the decade of adjustment of all human behaviors.  Action towards soothing all pains in men and in nature, and change course for a sustainable world.

What can we Artists do for pushing forward that momentum to change ? Don’t underestimate our capability in inspiring others to be more aware and be more sensitive to the needs of others. I saw many images and actions by Local designer that are very creative: from reuse the water for toilets, to easily recognized water refill kiosks, to beautiful handicrafts from local seed pods.
Think over your choices as you travel. This maybe the time for self accountability in our travels. How responsible are we in our ways as we are cheering in the new year?

Traveling now on my next leg to New Zealand to see where the Dodo bird is now extinct.  Flying is a major frustration for me. Am I walking the walk of what I am as always, talking the talk? When can I be like Greta Thunberg, and sail on a solar sail boat to meet my distant grandchildren instead…… How can I be sure that I am doing what it takes to be doing as expected?
“Responsible tourism is tourism which: minimizes negative social, economic and environmental impacts.”

I hope that local crafted seed pod I bought from Australia will clear custom as handicraft, and not a seed pod, I found out the lavender buds herbal tea is not ok to take to NewZealand! These are no no on entry to New Zealand, which is ever so protective of foreign species invasion! To be or not to be, a correct and aware tourist…..! But still, how are we to know and respect the other’s eco and cultural expectations? I should have done my homework….

However we thank Mother Nature that it rained hard on Christmas Eve in Sydney. That is, the first time I ever saw people around me, all clapping hands to see that much needed drops from the sky! Let us hope that kindness to continue so that forest fires can stop for good.
But I love to travel and see other cultures, so I need to find creative ways, via many vegan meals, save many insects, and doing various planting, to cover the huge carbon footprint that made it possible for me this time to come to meet that lovely Koala in real in the sydney zoo.  Maybe supporting more artists eco projects at our studio to instill more eco actions will be faster in covering up my footprints in the long run…..

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