Art as Environment: A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek

Art as Environment: A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek

Art as Environment: A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek

About the project
Since 2009 curator Wu Mali and Bamboo Curtain Studio, helped the Zhu-Wei neighborhood to understand their Plum Tree Creek which has gone through a dramatic change. The first phase of the project is to raise pollution and water flow issues due to neglect. We used art as intervention for collaborative potential between professionals, the community, the public sectors, via research and dialogue, to lead residents to reacquainted with their environment, and to reclaim the ownership over their natural resources.

A series of cultural actions from over 60 local and international artists, curators, professionals and NGOs intersected multiple stakeholders. we have now reached more than 80,000 participants. After receiving many local and global recognition as prototype of eco-art action, local residents, government and schools realize the value of their local history, the compromised ecology and the pressure from over-development.
After ten years, we have accumulated much data. We now are planning: “Plum Tree Creek School”, and are seeking funding and new collaborators, to use art as catalyst via fun participatory projects, to attract wider sections of the community to jointly be a voice for change in their environment.

We bring artists to lead this journey, using the power of artist as a social sculptor, molding a new value system via mutual learning and mutual exchange. We hope to lead Zhu Wei towards best practice of a livable city that integrates art as the creative platform for embedding sustainable living habits.

Through our interactive “School” we seek art and artists are agent of change, making different models of connectivity to validate reciprocal dependency that keep a system alive.Art can bring change: made from the public, by the public, for the public.

The Plum Tree Creek Area, Zhuwei area of Danshui district, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Plum Tree Creek is approximately 13 kilometers long. Its source is from Datuen Mountain, and the clear water flows through Shuiwei of Pinding Village. Bamboo Curtain Studio is situated near the bottom where various tributaries pass though the downtown area of Zhuwei and converge into the main creek around Zhuwei Bridge and subway stop, before flowing into Danshui River, the biggest river in Taiwan. The creek used to be the source of drinking and farming, but it is after over development from the past 20 years, is now heavily polluted in some parts, and non-existent in other sections, where the waterway has been diverted, its sides straighten and cemented, or has occasionally simply been built over as traffic demands.

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