Residency Program

Po-Chih Huang

Po-Chih Huang

駐村日期:2014/11/13 - 2014/12/13
Visual Art

Po-Chih Huang’s diverse artistic practice principally explores such issues as agriculture, economics, popular consumption and production, depicting and surveying local history and the evolution of society and the environment. His many shifting roles in society – from project executive to manual laborer to documentary writer – have become key elements in his recent art projects. Seeking points of convergence among these many experiences to serve as his text, he reassembles the fragmented historical and cultural contexts in the background of his experiences, and manufactures daily consumer goods (or events) as “counterfeits” that form connections of social communication, with the aim of exploring how these “art (products or events)” can initiate new meanings and definitions within complex social relationships.

Collaborative Organization

Bamboo Curtain Studio 2014 International Residency Exchange Project
Residency Exchange with: 98B COLLABoratory, Philippines

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