Residency Program

Ismaila Badjie

Ismaila Badjie


Ismaila was born in Banjul, the capital city of The Gambia. As a kid growing up, he was always amazed and impressed whenever I see images of the developed world with regards to their infrastructure. This gives him courage and motivations, hoping to also one day take part in contributing my quota towards the transformation of my country to a modern nation.

Ismaila arrived in Taiwan in September 2011, as a freshman in the field of architecture at National Taipei University of Technology and successfully completed undergraduate studies. Ismaila is currently pursuing his master’s degree at Tamkang University, Expecting to graduate in June this year and go back to his home country to implement what he learnt from this beautiful country of Taiwan and contribute his quota in national development.

Works in residency

2017〈Ismalia Badjie Sustainable Wall Presentation〉

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