Residency Program

Lua Rivera

Lua Rivera

2018/06/01 - 2018/07/31
2017/10/13 - 2017/12/15

Lua Rivera was graduated from Morelos State University (UAEM) in 2013, majoring in Visual Arts; completed her M.A. in 2016. While studying in art school, Lua tried different techniques and interdiciplinary creations. In her artworks, she always connects many ancient stories and legends to modern people’s narratives. For example, she started a project – Odd, from 2012, in which she collected people’s missing socks and recorded those socks’ stories through texts and voices. It is said that socks will go finding their paradise for happiness as people desire for a better future.

When Lua was little, she liked to explore everying in the forests, and this helped her develop deep observations on natural environment, especially on birds’ nests. In 2009, she created a work— Bluenest, which is about bird migration and nesting. She provided a wall with holes for birds to rest inside while passing by. After that, Lua did more research into birds’ nesting behaviors through field works including reading news, collecting objects/ documents and taking pictures of real nests. She compared birds’ nests to human beings’ houses, discovering a variety of symbolic meanings of nests. In recent years, she chose weaving as the main technique to make a series of installations in public space, inviting people to go inside and explore. Besides creating installations, she directed and filmed dance performances based on birds’ mating dance. In 2017, she went to artist residency at Watermill Center in New York and Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taiwan. During her residency, she continued the concept of Nature/ Nurture comparison to plan exhibitions. Through observing materials birds used in their nests, visitors could find out some changes in urban area such as the structure of architechture, way of living and the pollution people produced.

Works in residency

2017《Nexus - "A dialog of art, biology and architecture”》

From November 25th until December 17th, the multidisciplinary Mexican artist Lua Rivera will present at the Creative Reuse Center one installation piece.

For Lua Rivera, art is experienced through the nervous system. She experiments to know and creates to survive. For her, art can erase the limits of disciplines; Interacts freely between them and allows her work to transcend the walls of the gallery. Lua bases her artistic work on processes such as nesting, growth and adaptation of organisms. As a visual artist, she distinguishes between her continuous search and use of multidisciplinary resources: intervention, collage, photography and textiles.

The exhibition titled Nexus shows a reflection on the survival skills of birds and humans. The house built with the body and for the body, is the theme turned into an installation that explores the relations humans and birds create with materials in their environment. These installation is comprised by objects woven and assembled by hand in mixed techniques using recolected materials from the Creative Reause center of Taipei, the compleate intallation measures approximately six meters By three meters.

With this piece the artist seeks to reinterpret and understand the overlooked but millenary relation that binds us together.
These specialized structures express themselves in a nonverbal communication. Weaved within the core of this complex situation, lies the intricate stories about waste and survival of the most fit. This project enters a zone of tension, and navigates between these juxtapose worlds taking inspiration from the organic and complex nesting process of birds.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on November 25th 2017 at 11 am and will remain until December 17 2017 at the CRC facilities.

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