Residency Program

Wu Shu-Lun

Wu Shu-Lun

駐村日期:2012/08/01 - 2012/08/21
Visual Art

Visual Arts, Crafts | Taiwan

Currently, Shu Lun works as the creative product designer, education trainer, and marketing / management consultant for the Ba-Yi Women Craft Workshop of Chia-Lan Village, Jin-Fong District in Taitung County. She has been conducting research in Paiwan culture for a long time. The topic of her MA dissertation is about traditional glass beads of Paiwan. She has visited ceramic workshop at the Stuttgart University of Arts. She has curated several exhibitions related to the introduction of traditional Paiwan glass beads in Taitung Sugar Factory, Taitung Eslite Story House, and National Dong Hwa University.

【Co-sponsor Unit】
Taitung Railway Art Village

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