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12 Bamboos

12 Bamboos


The name of “12 Bamboos” originates from the twelve pillars supporting the space. This warehouse turned exhibition/performance space preserved most of its original characteristics. It now serves as a multi-functional space for performances, rehearsals, exhibitions, and group workshops.

Download: Floor Plan of Twelve Bamboos(by LIN Chung-Nan)


264 sq meters
150~200 people
Exhibition Space
Performance, exhibition, workshop and rehearsals
Blackout curtains, installation scaffolding, exhibition track lightings (Without air-conditioning)
Arts and culture groups: 3,000NTD on weekdays and 4,000NTD on holidays per session; daily use of 8,000NTD on weekdays and 10,000NTD on holidays; rehearsals at 1,500NTD per day. Non-arts groups: 6,000NTD on weekdays and 8,000NTD on holidays per session; daily use of 16,000NTD on weekdays and 20,000NTD on holidays; rehearsals at 3,000NTD per day.
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