Margaret Shiu

New culture perspective for 2020 and 2030

February 01, 2016

Culture perspective must be reviewed now after Jan 16th! This article is to emphasize again, budget for culture is an investment and not an expense.

Share x Connect x Co-create – Bamboo Curtain Studio reaching 20

May 09, 2015

We have revisited the projects that BCS has undertaken in the past 20 years, and sorted them out into 4 categories to help the public understand our work: 1) alternative space, 2) art intervention, 3) art factory, and 4) artist residency. Each of these 4 categories may exist as an independent theme, but is at the same time inseparable from one another.

Happy new year and new announcement from Bamboo Curtain Studio!

December 30, 2014

Dear friends and colleagues of BCS, It is time to wish everyone a great year 2015.


December 03, 2014

Mending the Broken Land with Water” is a sub title of this project. It means water is essential to life, and it has the ability to cross borders, connecting and gathering people who are concerned about the land we live on, as well as issues of urban development and boundless expansion.   —Wu Mali

The Petite Bamboo Salon: Discovering Residency Program in Cozy Little Town (Artists talk part04)

May 22, 2014

“Discovering Residency Programs in Cozy Little Towns” is the 4th Petite Bamboo Salon talk held by Bamboo Curtain Studio. This talk is specifically designed to the needs of aborigine artists, mostly living in Tatung, east coast of Taiwan known for its unique geography and diverse aborigine art and culture.

The Petite Bamboo Salon 2014: Artists talk part02 "Contemporary Curatorial Residency Program in Contemporary Art"

March 14, 2014

In this conference, we invite curators, with real residency experiences, to share and discuss about the concept of contemporary residency program and its prospect, from the perspective of “curatorial residency program.”

BCS will join 3WDS14 PROGRAM

March 04, 2014

200+ scientists, artists, activists and youth from 5 continents will present and interact with audience online and in 18 nodes (physical venues) in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, USA, Taiwan and Tunisia.

Margaret Shiu Receives the Aveda Daymaker Award for her Efforts in Promoting Artistic Exchange

January 14, 2014

Margaret Shiu talked about the stories of Bamboo Curtain Studio in the past 19 years, including the exhibitions by Tsong Pu, Michael Lin, Wang Te-Yu, as well as the recent efforts in conducting international artistic exchange and in the construction of a digital platform for residency sites worldwide. Bamboo Curtain Studio is not only a cradle for artists, but also an incubator and broadcaster for the arts and culture in Taiwan.

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