Shang-Lin Wu

International Residency Exchange Program Artist Talk: Creating, Connecting, and Producing in a Foreign Residency | 12.27

December 17, 2014

This talk is a collaboration event between Bamboo Curtain Studio and Taipei/Treasure Hill Artist Village. This talk invite exchange artists from both organization, come and share their international experience. The talk will cover topics in work development process, how to establish a local connection, how to overcome culture and language barrier, and etc. Artists will also be available to answer questions regarding his/her residency.

綠川計畫成果展(台灣)| Green River Project Exhibition (Part-1 Taiwan)

July 21, 2014

The departure point of ‘Green River Project’ concept is to expose the disguise of massive developments of cities while destroying natural resources and ecosystem. Since cities have developed around rivers and the population concentrating to the cities, transportation, economy and culture always follow these developments of cities. Cities were born based on rivers. On the contrary, cities have lost their original appearance for the sake of their ‘future vision’. If rivers vanish from every city, what will happen in our life?

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