Four theatre artists from four different cities (Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Singapore) come together, meeting in a fifth city (Taipei). The one-month creative residency in December 2016 will culminate in a work in progress presentation. In addition, there will be 3 workshops conducted by the artists in residence. We look forward to meeting you at Bamboo Curtain Studio!

Participating Artists: Wu May Bo (Hong Kong), Ip Ka-Man (Macau)

Shin Rock, Kim (Seoul) and Koh Wan Ching (Singapore)




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工作坊 1:建築空間與時間-劇場形體訓練與創作
Workshop 1: Architects of Space and Time-Movement Exploration and Devising
By: Koh Wan Ching (Singapore)

時間 Time:2016.12.3 Sat. 10am-1pm
收費 Fee:200 NTD
適合 Recommended for:任何13歲以上,對劇場有興趣的朋友
Open for all, age 13 and above, especially theater lovers

我們將一起進行一些形體訓練、遊戲、Viewpoints 演員訓練以及集體創作活動。
Elements of space and time are the building blocks of every creative event that happens in the theatre. This workshop is a study on the various elements of space and time and how they are integrated. It is also an invitation to play and explore with your body, brain and heart while collaborating with space, time and each other.
The workshop will include physical exercises, games, Viewpoints training and collaborative devising activities.

許婉婧  Koh Wan Ching

雙語劇場創作與表演者。曾參與北京國際戲劇季2010、香港進念2011劇季、日本SCOT夏季劇季2012、澳門藝術節2013、首爾藝穗節2014以及新加坡國際藝術節 2015。 曾投入美國SITI Company 及日本利賀鈴木劇團的演員訓練課程。美國紐約SITI Conservatory 首屆畢業生。目前任教於新加坡拉薩爾藝術學院表演系。
Wan Ching is a bilingual performer, director and theatre educator who has worked with companies including Drama Box, Nine Years Theatre, The Theatre Practice as well as Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble. She has performed in the International Theatre Festival 2010 in Beijing, the Zuni 2011 Theatre Season in Hong Kong, Suzuki Company of Toga Summer Season 2012 in Japan, Macao Arts Festival 2013, and the Seoul Fringe Festival 2014. She has trained with SITI Company as well as the Suzuki Company of Toga and is a graduate of the inaugural SITI Conservatory Program, a fulltime, 9-month immersion program for international theatre artists. She most recently served as movement director for "It Won't Be Too Long: The Cemetery" directed by Kok Heng Leun, presented at the 2015 Singapore International Festival of Arts.

工作坊 2:開發表達的泉源-以能量啟動表演空間
Workshop 2: Tapping into Expression and Activation of Performative Space
By: Ip Ka Man (Macau) and Wu May Bo (Hong Kong)

時間 Time:2016.12.10 Sat. 10am-1pm
收費 Fee:200 NTD
適合 Recommended for:18歲以上的表演藝術工作者及學生
Practitioners or students with an interest and experience in acting or dance, age 18 and above.

透過脊骨與呼吸、地心(grounding)、能量(energy shift)和肢體行動(physical action)的體驗練習作啓始點,進而邁向更精準及有機的身體表達能力。內容安排務求使參加者體驗在表演空間中自然的開放性,並藉身體與空間中能量的轉化、建立通過動能而產生的實在存在感。最終培養出敏感的身體反思能力並追求更高度精確的肢體流暢性及淸晰的表現力。
How does one master and explore energy shifts within the body?
We will study and practice spinal movement, breath, grounding, energy shifts and physical actions as impulses and starting points through which to cultivate a more specific, organic and expressive body. We will strive to achieve openness with ease in performative spaces and allow energy shifts within space and body to develop kinetic energy and dynamic presence. We aim at nurturing a self-reflective device to push for greater and more specific physical articulation, fluidity and expressivity.
Through physical practice, games and image work, participants will excavate creative energy and develop the body’s ability to perceive performative needs. In this way we hope to always maintain a sense of life and authenticity on stage. This work can be transferred into personal training, scene structure, character building and ensemble collaboration.

葉嘉文 Ip Ka Man
近年導演或演出作品包括:《Heavy Metal Girls》、《Voice of Temptation 音樂會》、《電梯的鑰匙》(澳門文化中心「2013 開箱作業」、第七屆臺北藝穗節、第十八屆首爾藝穗節)、《人在她城》(澳門文化中心「2014 開箱作業」、第廿六屆澳門藝術節)、《我城故事音樂劇》、《克隆極樂》(第廿五屆澳門藝術節)、《幹掉她》(選段,亞洲劇場大師班──郭慶亮導演工作坊結業演出《4 x 4》)、《告別:身體十六章》(助理導演,新加坡戲劇盒及第廿四屆澳門藝術節聯合製作)、《夕陽事兒》(澳門文化中心「2012 開箱作業」、第二屆香港藝穗民化節)、《午睡》(香港前進進戲劇工作坊)、《哥本哈根》、《美麗新世界》及《親密怪談》等。
於 Goldsmiths College, University of London 攻讀 “MA in Performance Making” 課程。早年畢業於香港演藝學院戲劇學院表演系,獲(一級榮譽)藝術學士學位。
Co-artistic Director of Dirks Theatre (Hong Kong and Macau) Ka Man is an actor, director and theatre educator. He holds an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmith's College, University of London, and a First Class Honors from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. He has since studied with Eugenio Barba, Philip Gaulier, David Glass and Wlodzimierz Staniewski. He has performed and presented his work in several festivals and cities around the world.

胡美寶 Wu May Bo

倫敦大學中央演講及戲劇學院Movement Studies碩士,以優異成績畢業。主要研究及經驗包括Psychophysical training、Movement dramaturgy、Collaborative devising 與 Movement in production。
近年參與作品包括《Heavy Metal Girls》、《Voice of Temptation》、《人在她城》(第26屆澳門藝術節)、《電梯的鑰匙》(澳門文化中心「開箱作業2013」、2014臺北藝穗節、2015首爾藝穗節)、《克隆極樂》(第25屆澳門藝術節)、《我城故事音樂劇》、《夕陽事兒》(澳門文化中心「開箱作業2012」及重演於2013第二屆香港藝民節)、《日出(革新版)》(香港「進劇場」與澳門文化中心之「駐場藝術家計劃」)、《女侍/侍女》、《玩.風景6.0》(2012歐洲文化首都巡迴之旅)、《長夜漫漫路迢迢》(第24屆澳門藝術節)、《美麗新世界》、《哥本哈根》(重演)、倫敦大學中央演講及戲劇學院'Captain of the Kopenick'、英國薩賽克斯大學East15 Acting School "La Ronde"、"Passing-Out Parade"、"Earthquake in London"、"Looking for JJ"、新加坡platform65製作"aWake!"等。
Co-artistic Director of Dirks Theatre (Hong Kong and Macau). May Bo has extensive experience in teaching, performing and creating theatre, and has presented her work in America, England, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Slovenia, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. She holds a Masters of Art from the Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, a Masters of Art in Performance and Cultural Industries from University of Leeds and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her main areas of studies include psychophysical training, movement dramaturgy, collaborative devising and movement in production.

工作坊 3:連接與貫穿
Workshop 3: Connecting
By: Shin Rock Kim (Korea)

時間 Time:2016.12.17 Sat. 10am-1pm
收費 Fee:200 NTD
適合 Recommended for:18歲以上的表演藝術工作者及學生 Actors, performers, dancers, directors, visual artists, students of the arts, musicians, age 18 years and above.

工作坊將通過Viewpoints 以及Action Theatre 各項活動來探討連接以及貫穿的各種層面。我們將研究時間、空間及身體之間;身體及心靈之間;我與自我之間;我、你及我們之間的各種關係。當我們密切留意重心、焦點以及身體每個部位之間的聯繫,我們將可以揭開許多隱形的網絡。並從中學習怎樣把握所有行動產生之前的特性能量(Sats)。我們也將培養充滿生命力的形體還有果斷性的肢體並發現身體的潛在性。從而體會作為一個表演者時時刻刻在變幻的舞台存在感以及真實感。
This workshop will explore several layers of connecting through exercises based on Viewpoints and Action Theatre. We will investigate connections and relationships between time, space and body; body, mind and soul; me and myself; I, you and me. By studying the connections between centre of gravity, point of focus and different parts of the body, we can uncover invisible networks and practice Sats (the quality of energy in the moment before an action).  We will explore different ways of being present, from moment to moment by cultivating the activated body, decisive body and latent body.

金新綠 Shin Rock Kim

演員,舞者,形體表演創作者。富有豐富的表演經驗,演出作品曾在韓國、美國以及中國發表。曾赴波蘭Grotowski Institute、丹麥 Odin Teatret、美國SITI Company 以及Action Theater接受各項表演訓練。於Korea National University of Arts 攻讀MFA in Acting 。2011年 被Arts Council Korea 錄取參加Young Art Frontier計劃。美國紐約SITI Conservatory畢業。現於首爾擔任演員訓練導師,並於各大學府擔任講師。
Shin Rock Kim lives and works as an actor, dancer, physical performer and creator in Seoul, Korea.
As a founding member of theater company 'Dream Play', she performed at Arko Arts Theater, Daehangno Arts Theater, Seoul Arts Center, Doosan Art Center, LIG Art Center, Namsan Arts Center, Gwangju Culture & Art Center, Seoul Theater Olympic, Seoul Marginal Theater Festival, Seoul Fringe Festival, etc.
Internationally, she performed at New York Live Arts(USA), Dongfang Xianfeng Theater(China), participated in actor training workshops at Grotowski Institute (Poland), Odin Teatret (Denmark), SITI Company (USA), Action Theater (USA).
After receiving her MFA in Acting (Korea National University of Arts), she was selected to take part in "Young Art Frontier" (Arts Council Korea, 2011-2012). She was trained in SITI Conservatory, New York. Currently, Kim leads actor-training workshops, and teaches acting in universities as a lecturer.

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