Residency Program

Matt Chun

Matt Chun

駐村日期:2017/08/30 - 2017/10/30
Visual Art

Matt Chun is a studio artist, writer ad freelance curator, working between Sydney and Bermagui (a small fishing village on the East Coast of Australia). Currently, Matt creates large-scale mixed media drawing, sprawling sculptural installations, and intimate travelogues. Matt’s practice examines cross-cultural forms of representation through the art-historical genres of portraiture, landscape and still life.

In 2017, Matt’s work as a portraitist was exhibited at Sydney's May Space, the Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize and the E H Ervin Gallery’s Salon des Refuses.

As a writer, Matt examines Australian visual culture and national identity, most recently for Australian literary journal Meanjin Quarterly.

Bamboo Curtain Studio’s Creative Talents Program will be Matt’s second residency in Taipei. In 2016, he undertook a tenure at Guandu International Art Festival as one of six selected resident/exhibitors. In Guandu, Matt created site-specific installation works from hand-processed local cays, and began to research the relationship between natural materials and associated cultural narratives.

In 2016, Matt also worked as resident artist at Nishi Gallery in Canberra and the Casula Powerhouse in Western Sydney.

Matt’s permanent open studio on Bermagui’s main thoroughfare offers a direct public engagement with his practice. From this space, Matt oversees a creative co-working and exhibition space, and operates a popular espresso bar.

Works in residency

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