Art News from Margaret Shiu of BCS #05:Mother nature gave us a twin headed child

Art News from Margaret Shiu


Mother nature gave us a twin headed child
BCS news 2019 oct 10th

The bigger twin head is in a global fury
The weather is now finally cooler and the summer heat is almost gone after sundown.  I can breathe again, no need of guilt trip, of turning on air conditioning as in the past four months, knowing very well that I may be endangering the future of the next generation of youth like Greta Thunberg!  But cooler summers, does not mean we can relax our clarion call, as she said it correctly, this is time to push our politicians to wake up and listen to the scientists, right now before it is really too late. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/video/2019/sep/23/gr...

Taiwan did its best too
Here in Taiwan we did in fact have another Friday For Future climate strike on September 27, where major cities joined in with marches and performances; and a “Last Supper” was hosted in front of the Legislator Assembly, there, politicians from all parties send their representative to show face. We push them to acknowledge Climate emergency is on their agenda in the coming reelection , they all expounded on what may do, these better not be but empty promises to our youth parading with touching performances along the parade, it’s our responsibility to watch carefully that these promises all pan out in reality soon!

Our Bamboo Curtain Studio also just finish on Sept 21st our workshop “In art we Care”, a very effective Art and Ecology one day meeting with about 50 caring minds from various sectors of society working together with the artists, examining 24 years in our data on the way artists in our studio started to seek trials in eco art.  While panelists speak out how art has been effective in leading that awareness for needed action.  Our diverse participants spoke about their eco concerns in many sectors, as we all try to understand the environmental problems locally, and then we trashed out possible actions with follow up projects for effective change.  I deeply appreciate these participants for their time and efforts in joining us on a full weekend day! 

We all must work closely to calm this Demon, his fury disbursing wind, fire, water and soil on a global scale causing havoc to all on earth.

The little devil inside us for a meaningful life
these twin heads work hand in hand, but be aware this little one is just as tough to manage if not even harder. We individuals need to be physically healthy and mentally happy, and at ease with oneself to really be able to have a balance and meaningfully life within society.

This is where we see there is much artists could do to help people to change their behavior that affects the physical Health and their mental health.  Artists can be a good creative intervener for change in the perspective of individual’s responsibility to themselves and to others, and go back to self-examination in their own thoughts and actions.

Who are the artists that bring that insight on the fire of the big brother, and trouble maker of the little one?

Rahic Talif in Taitung
Somehow you have to make a trip and be able to meet face-to-face, the great wide Pacific ocean, the last stretch of Taiwan’s virgin land, Taitung,  there the big waves that hit the shore will make you see why the indigenous tribes in Taiwan seem to be the holder of the universal truth of using resources of nature with respect. Unknowingly, visitors soon learn to respect that mission of eco-tourism in Taitung. Rahic the sculptor is anointed by his elders to lead the younger sculptors in his tribe in the use of driftwood from the ocean, to produce sculptures and functional works to let people be aware these drift wood was the result of fierce storms have brought to them from near and far. Do go to the East Coast information center you will see the massive installations inside and outside, of Rahic’s works, made from debris that he has been collecting from his shores near his studio, he transformed these into waves of worn out thrown away slippers, broken plastics, and fishing nets from his constant clearing, his ritual in the past ten years to help our oceans. Looking far and closeup, at his giant totems overlooking the ocean, we know instantaneously, what we humans have done to mother earth and all creatures in the ocean especially.


Lafin Sawmah and Heidi Yip
Similarly, another couple from Taitung is also telling us, that there must be a more balanced way of living.  Lafin Sawmah and Heidi Yip have deep appreciation of nature, in the open showroom of Eidos Living, Mt. Project, they show us how they use gift from the huge trees, the earth, and the colors of the coastline, all are inspirations they use to make objects as mini universe in your hands, via touch that can speak to you on a quiet simple level. From wood to ceramics to paintings, these objects reflect art of living with such great insight that leads you to appreciate these objects and to slow down your life and enjoy everything in a new realm. Then you see the spiritual essence in the meaning of life with emotional balance.

Yao Jui-chung, senior artist’s latest exhibition at Tina Keng Gallery, is working on our mind in our search for spiritual guidance.  He does it in a contemporary cheek in tongue way, in the very classical Chinese painting style on massive screens in gold foil and cultural inlays of his painting of religious icons, but all in the contemporary jest of our inner dependence of our society, ever seeking guidance and forecasts via the gods of big G!? 


Why are we still unsure and unhappy?

There are so many other factors that our society need to address as a human species to be able to live in harmony between ourselves, between creatures, and other beings.  Can art do anything to make it better?

There are issues that we cannot find an easy solution, art can be the third option, as the third force between fear, pain and suffering. Social issues, especially when we are trying to understand who we are how we fit in our society and why some find their identity being marginalized and or unaccepted. These cannot be didactic and art has a spectrum beyond black and white.  This is where we, at the bamboo curtain studio is looking now. We need to see how artists are working, on past history , present reality, and hoping for a more mutually compatible way of living between generations, amongst groups of individual, and within a community, helping everyone to seek shared identity in our society, especially those in the underprivileged, discriminated or suffering individuals or sectors in our society.  It would be interesting to analyze these prototype projects undertaken by artists in our past 24 years.  We think it would be quite important to validate this very precious intangible value of artists with their creative intervention for social problems. Hence, please do join us for our next workshop “in art we connect” on November 9th, to examine the wide range of prototypes projects.


There is hope still via art we can keep the double headed child of mother nature calm and relaxed.  Let us prove to all that the arts can be the intervener of these clashes amongst men, and that humans can relearn, to live in harmony on earth  and with the heavens too?