Resident Artists

Daisuke Kuroda

November 15, 2018

Daisuke Kuroda was born in Kyoto in 1982. Kuroda has been producing videos, sculptures, and installations that focus on physical conditions of topography and climate, and the human stories of history.

Judha Su

November 15, 2018

Judha Su is a writer, critic, and catalyst, working on shifting boundaries of contemporary arts, knowledge production, and alternative pedagogy. Her creative commitment is inherently political, therefore, she perceives art as a point of contact, negotiation, and entry to imagine new possibilities that may encourage a social change. In parallel, she is working as a long-term laborer at “soi” - a collaborative platform for dialogue, research, and pedagogy, which she founded in late 2017.

Taiyo Tono

October 11, 2018

TaiyoTono was born in Osaka city in Japan. Currently lives and works in Osaka. Taiyo has its own production process. Introduction Make some models. And constitutes the model and develops it into paintings. The three-dimensional model shows what I feel at that time. By making a model, I can draw a picture with reality that I can not express with imagination alone.

Sajata Epps aka(SajaTa-E)

October 03, 2018

Sajata Epps aka (SAJATA-E) is a clothing and textile artist using plant dye as her main source of color application. She lives in the South Bronx, NYC where she develops farm spaces for her community members to utilize for arts programming and free produce production. Sajata believes that sustainability is a full life style shift that doesn't just end at smarter art practices. As a zero waste advocate Sajata-E grows her own food as well as her own plant dyes in order to control the amount of waste she produces in her art practice as well as her life.

Hang Li

September 10, 2018

Hang Li is the co-founder of Sandwishes Studio. Graduated from the Hong Kong Art Centre and the Master Degree of Interdisciplinary Art in National Taipei University of the Arts. During the study period, Hang Li cooperate with Disadvantaged people of Happy Mount  in New Taipei City,  which develop some experiment in about art engaged in social issues.

Mike Lombardy

August 28, 2018

Michael Lombardy is Visual Artist born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, USA with a multi disciplinary practice primarily combining site specific installation, works on paper, and upcycled clothing. He has a BFA in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art (2015) where he received the Frank N. Wilcox Award for Excellence in Printmaking.

Sunhee Lee

August 28, 2018

Sunhee Lee was born in 1984, now lives and works in Korea. 2007 she graduated from sculpture, Collage of Arts, Chungnam National University (B.F.A), and in 2011 got the Master degree of Sculpture, Graduate School of Arts, Kookmin University (M.F.A). Her solo exhibitions included 2014 So many ways to begin, Gyeonggi Creation center, Ansan ; 2016 The way to see the sky in my life, Arthall GONG, Seoul ; 2017 Thought from the past for the days to live, Banjul chalet, Seoul.

Cut And Rescue

July 13, 2018

Cut and Rescue is a Jakarta based art collective, it has no boundaries in the case of sharing, researching, developing and working the ideas. Cut and Rescue works across mediums, from a collage of images and text, sound and video pieces, as well as experimental and performative action. The name of the group that can be simply defined as a cut and save, Cut and Rescue retrieve, copy, and save cultural artifacts intertwined around the community, which had been considered banal and low, such as newspapers headlines.

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