Resident Artists

陳暢 Abby Chen

September 29, 2017

Abby Chen is the Artistic Director and Curator at Chinese Culture Center and Foundation of San Francisco. Among the more than 50 exhibitions and programs curated by Abby at CCF and other institutions in both the U.S. and Asia have been important surveys in contemporary art and issues relevant to Chinese people and the world at large.

陳御辰 Chen Yu-Chen

September 25, 2017

With the judgments of mine, the first one will notice the eyes in the whole process. For me, I hope to respond the frustration in social relationships with the eyes contact. And how to create the abstract and fathom one into an object or interpret, is important to me on the whole creations.

洪芷寧 HONG Tze-Ning

September 07, 2017

Based in Taipei, Tze-ning experienced and learned from arts programs, independent publications, and local engagements in various ways and places. While the main focus is on the encounter between individuals from differ background and their visual experiences, via arts and cultural practices.

Lab Tanya

September 05, 2017

Lab Tanya are interested in exploring, discovering, collecting various everyday practices in the community of citizens, which could be the prospect and guidance of achieving a sustainable future. Combine research, experimentation and imagination methods to trigger and generate knowledge.

Erin Adair

September 02, 2017

不明物件Erin Adair grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and completed a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Oberlin College in 2014. She currently works as a math and science tutor at Lorain County Community College in Ohio.

Matt Chun

September 01, 2017

Matt Chun is a studio artist, writer ad freelance curator, working between Sydney and Bermagui (a small fishing village on the East Coast of Australia). Currently, Matt creates large-scale mixed media drawing, sprawling sculptural installations, and intimate travelogues.

Cia Hsinyuan Lee

August 14, 2017

Cia Hsinyuan Lee is an contemporary artist and also an educator. She currently lives in Shin Ying District in northern Tainan. Her creation started with fragments of her childhood memory. The main object of her creation have been extended to the illustrations in the Chinese version of Western storybooks.

Shraddha Borawake

August 03, 2017

Shraddha Borawake is an Interdisciplinary Cultural Producer, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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