Art News from Margaret Shiu of BCS #04:This summer has been too hot! So who can do something about it?

Art News from Margaret Shiu

This summer has been too hot! So who can do something about it?
BCS news in Aug 2019

Did you have a cool summer holiday. ? not me……….
Are you aware that Greta Thunberg a 16 year-old, sailed with her father,  in a zero pollution sailboat across the Atlantic to New York City, and join others in her generation from all over the world, to participate in the United Nations? Her Friday For Future FFF, climate school strike, is growing. Why they are fighting for their future ? what is the power of that movement ?  how they strike for action on global warming?

Greta Is demanding world government to respect the 1.5° by 2030 ! 1.5C ? We see the Amazon burning away, the arctic is melting, the barrier reef in Australia is now declared in extremely poor condition. This we need to know how to tell others like Greta, and her generation, that the future is still hopeful, they feel totally frustrated and threatened.  She said it is like a house on fire and no one is really doing anything about it.

But then,why should we as artist join this call for action?  Save the planet, save the sea creatures, save the forest and save all creatures on earth and its all because we need to save the human species, but we artists have nothing more than an easel and a camera? Yes indeed!

Just like the Olympics, the arts have always been part of the global network of gathering of strong bodies and talents in the art too! The Arts should definitely be in the gathering of technologies and information in brainstorming and action in collaboration for a better future.

If you recall 2015, in Paris COP21, where the important declaration signed, setting a limit for all countries will be held accountable to be below 2° by 2030. That was signed by the majority of head of states of the UN, over 100 in the world, US and China included!

Maybe not too many people are aware, in the parallel sessions of COP21 in Paris, was a group called ARTCOP21, where more than 100 art and culture NGOs representatives, that had been working on climate action, gathered there for three days, to discuss how artists can bring that urgency and awareness to the masses globally to entice citizens for action for change. And I am proud to say that Taiwan was represented in that list, Bamboo Curtain Studio spoke up for the action that is happening in Taiwan.  That conference opened our eyes to see how artists had always work across disciplines and collaborate, in europe and the world, practicing art action for society and especially on ecology .

In Taiwan,one of the earliest environmental artists is an activist Wu Mali. She is the  pioneer for local art action for change, by linking us to global best practices .  In a long-term friendship, she guided BCS  in artistic concepts for action, she led us towards many of these experiments.  BCS will be celebrating our 25th anniversary, and we will kick off by looking on these and similar actions done by others for art pushing for change ein our society.  BCS is happy to showcase some of these projects as we can see their emerging impacts.  We will start by holding a gathering of minds on 21 Sept, to seek a diverse sector of eco action professionals to join us in a discussion.  We need to see the common 5W, of how why where art have been of value for our ecology. From a little creek such as Plum Tree Creek to the big river, from our own rooftop garden to the farmlands, throughout to air pollution, ocean plastic problems, and all the way to nuclear disaster that may be eminent if another severe typhoon happens to Taiwan just like in Japan!

We hope there is a chance we quicken up these trials of local engagements, not just across borders internationally which we have done, exchanging ideas with global art hubs, but to go cross over to diverse industries, through professional sectors, and different age groups in our society, to make a difference.  Hopefully we can give the next generation a chance for an eco sustainable living, as we had when we were born. My parents gave me that, and yours also, on this island of Formosa! But what has happened in the past 50 years?  100Years?
Come join us now !

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