Final Results Announcement of BCS "2018 Creative Talents Program"

December 13, 2017

Selected Artists of 2018 Creative Talents Program

Cinemovement open reherrsal

November 18, 2017

Time: 2017-11-19 5-7 pm

2018 BCS OPEN CALL | Due on Oct 29

September 23, 2017

We welcome visual artists, performing artists, curators, engineers, architect designers, researchers and multidisciplinary artists/creators to submit your idea/work, which can freshen-up the potentials of social engagement. We look forward to seeing proposals that makes people WOW!

"My Womb, My Mother Earth" Third Series in 12 Bamboo

August 19, 2017

On 19th of August, “Nest” will be exhibited at Bamboo Curtain Studio, Dansui. The inspiration of the weaving installation artwork “Nest” was derive from the forest. The first phase “Returning to the Womb”, we focus on the exploration and transmutation of individual life; coming to the last phase, every elements is integrated. Through the installation artwork we pay our respect to mother earth. She is inclusive for all things on earth, no matter good or bad; She is open minded, extensive and fluid in one.

Lecture "Invasive Pigment" by Ellie Irons, Residency Artist.

July 22, 2017

Our residency artist, Ellie Irons will show what she did in Taiwan! Topic: Invasive Pigments / Time: 2017/07/31 (Mon.) 19:30~21:00 / Venue: Etat Forum *Etat Forum will perform LIVE for this lecture, please check

Business temporarily suspend today

May 19, 2017

Business temporarily suspend today (May 19th)

2017 Art Manager brainstorming workshop

April 21, 2017

Bamboo Curtain Studio is going to organize two-day intensive brainstorming workshop from 19th to 20th May, 2017 at TAV and BCS in Taiwan. It will enable art managers to explore their personal roles and challenges in order to broaden horizons and self-evaluate. This event has been designed to help art managers from the cultural sector to take action through engagement and innovation in art and cultural environment.

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