永續藝術國際合創論壇 International Conference of Sustainable Art

「從來不改變心意的人,永遠無法改變任何事情。」 “Man that never change thy heart can never change a thing.
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100 Taipei City中正區八德路一段一號


地點 :華山1914文創園區 中3清酒工坊 2F-拱廳 
報名費用 :NTD$ 300

2015年底,全世界196個國家領袖聚集在法國巴黎,舉行聯合國氣候變化大會(COP21),並一同簽訂巴黎氣候協議(Paris Agreement)。而在同時,有將近約100位的藝術家、文化工作者、創意者、文化政策推動者也同時群聚在巴黎,進行為期三天的工作坊(ArtCOP21),宣達文化界對環境永續議題的深切關心,以案例回應氣候變遷的議題。

面對這全球性的議題,探討環境惡化的背後,其實隱藏著的是文化和社會問題,我們的生活態度和消費習慣才是最重要的關鍵。此刻是我們每個人都能以自身實踐、改變現狀的時機。需要即刻產生行動,即便是不完美, 但仍可以改善現況,同時我們也要持續思考並建構一個較長期的策略來達到永續持久的改變。


In the end of 2015, 196 country leaders of the world gathered in Paris, France. The United Nations Climate Change Conference(COP21) was held, and also the signing of the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, there were nearly 100 artists, cultural workers, creators and cultural policy facilitators gathered in Paris, conducting a 3-day workshop (ArtCOP21). Through cases, they work on issues in climate changing, in order to express the deep concern in the matter of environmental sustainability.

When facing the global issue, exploring what is behind the environmental degradation, cultural and social problems are what is hidden behind the veil. The most important key lies in our attitude toward life and our consuming habits. At this very moment is the opportunity to actualize oneself and to change the present. Even if perfection seems within distance, an action must be made immediately to achieve status updates. At the same time, we need to continue the consideration and construct a long-term policy to make a change in sustainability.

The conversation of the world begins with collaboration and innovation. We respond environmental sustainability through art and creativity, moreover to generate actual stimulation and emerge changes. In this next forum, we will discuss in various aspects, including how artists effect policy by their action, how to transform abandoned mediums to better use, eco-art operation, alternative free market economic. From a distinct practical plan of witnessing artists alter through creative process, as well as the participants' behavior.

【 專題演講一  Keynote Speech I】
 Cultural Policy and Environmental Sustainability Movement Worldwide
講者 :Sholeh Johnston/The Field 總監

【 專題演講二 Keynote Speech II】
 Beyond Trash

【 專題演講三 Keynote Speech III】
 FIFTH ELEMENT : Earth, Water, Wind, Fire & Heart
講者:Anunta Intra-aksorn/「大樹計畫」共同創辦人

【 專題演講四 Keynote Speech IV】
 Practicing the city: Nomadic projects, urban experiments and alternative economy
講者:Jennifer Teo & Woon Tien Wei /Post-Museum 創辦人

100 Taipei City中正區八德路一段一號
活動地點名稱 華山1914文創園區 中3清酒工坊 2F-拱廳 
常態性活動 No
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