【竹圍工作室換帖去 uānn-thiap: BCS on tour】印尼篇 Indonesia

August 19,2021
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印尼篇 Indonesia:2016.08.01-08.21
紀錄片 Documentary by:魏肇儀 Lauwei Wei
關於「竹圍工作室換帖去」 About “uānn-thiap: BCS on tour”
「竹圍工作室換帖去」是竹圍工作室成員洪秉綺、李佳珊、洪芷寧,與藝術家何灝、魏肇儀,青年夥伴高任翔,以及綠色藝術實驗室聯盟創辦人雅絲敏(Yasmine Ostendorf)組成的團隊,以工作室在環境藝術、社區參與和連結青年/創藝工作者的脈絡為主軸,匯聚每位團隊成員接觸本土文化藝術的經驗,成為團隊的「帖」:竹圍工作室和每位團隊成員為名,生命經驗為底,加上工作坊和台灣之夜扣緊的形式。我們希望與泰國、印尼的組織/青年/創藝工作者交換這樣的「帖」,也盼這次在泰國曼谷、印尼日惹/雅加達的交流計畫,可以換來夥伴與兄弟的「帖」,再回到台灣。
Uānn-thiap, the exchange of personal information, is also called kiat-pài. It is a Taiwanese term that refers to the folk ritual of exchanging red pieces of papers “thiap (帖)” containing the names, lunar birthdates, detailed traditional astrological attributes, and birth locations between close friends. Friends who undergo the uānn-thiap ceremony, performed in the presence of local gods, become lifelong brothers/sisters, discordant in blood ties but bonded by friendship and shared destiny.
Uānn-thiap: BCS on Tour is a team made up of Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) staff Iris Hung, Bess Lee, Bignin, artists Ho How and Lauwei, youth partner Sean Gau, and the Green Art Lab Alliance founder Yasmine Ostendorf. BCS has long focused its work on arts and the environment, community involvement, and connecting youth as well as arts/creative practitioners. Each member in Uānn-thiap: BCS on Tour contributes to the thiap of the team, bringing in his or her own experiences practicing in the arts and culture field in Taiwan. Our individual names become the formal representation, our life experiences the content, and the planned workshops as well as sharing sessions the ties that connect all together in the exchange process. We seek to share such thiap with the organizations, youth partners, and arts/creative practitioners in Indonesia and Thailand; and in exchange, bring home the thiap from our Bangkok, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta friends and brothers/sisters at the end of this trip.
BCS is an arts and culture platform that aspires to establish relationships. With the objective of “Local Action, Global Connection” in mind, BCS collaborates with a variety of international organizations, and initiates residency exchanges as well as interdisciplinary projects with our partners worldwide. Our practice allows artists in Taiwan to broaden their perspectives and experience the world. It also enables creatives to conduct experimental projects as well as pioneering research and collaborations across nations. Uānn-thiap: BCS on Tour is BCS’s first Southeast Asia exchange team. It is composed of members under the age of 35, and is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan through the Project of Youth Culture Gardener Team.

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