生若浮雲 Living Like A Floating Cloud

January 25,2022
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【Living Like A Floating Cloud: A Margaret Shiu Retrospective】
As the founder of Bamboo Curtain Studio, Margaret Shiu was so many things to so many people. It is possible that even she wouldn’t be able to fully comprehend the impact she has had on this world. 
Entitled “Living Like A Floating Cloud,” this video is first-and-foremost a tribute to Margaret’s iconic collection as a ceramics artist. With various pieces in the shape of clouds, the collection expresses Margaret’s keen observations and deep passion for nature through its free-flowing movement and unlimited expression. At the same time, clouds also correspond beautifully to her very ethos as a person, as an artist, and as a leader. Margaret embodied many different realities throughout her life, yet she always approached it with the same, constant gentle manner and resilient calm - never to be restricted or limited.
Born in Hong Kong and laid to rest in Taiwan, Margaret challenged dominant paradigms and became an ardent advocate for Taiwanese artists. She dedicated her life to the cross-cultural exchange between Taiwan and the rest of the world, and her outsized influence has planted the seeds for a new generation of artists to grow and flourish.
This is dedicated to Margaret Shiu’s memory. With our sincerest gratitude towards you.

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