When the Grain Rain Begins to Fall: Bamboo Curtain Studio Spring Open Day

March 18,2017
Studio News

Grain Rain is the last solar term in the spring, which comes from the old saying of “The rain grows the grains”. At the first moment that the seeds fall into the soil, it starts to receive nourishing from the land, and then a cycle of living begins to take shape. During this cycle, human gradually learns to be grateful for all the blessings of nature, and create artwork as the medium that build up the relationship between human and land.

On this day, the residency artists will present their artworks, full of energy and how they create the connection with nature by hands. Come and drink tea with long-term residency ceramic artists Cheng Hsun,Chen and Joan Chang, playing drums and making rain sticks with Sun Son Theatre to greet the Grain Rain. For visual art exhibition, we have Taiwanese artist De Mao, Li’s first video art exhibition, and Chien Pang, Chou’s exhibition presenting artwork after the residency in Sa Sa Art Projects, Cambodia. You may also join the Portable Studio hold by our international artists – Alex Nichols and Mushi, to explore the primal way of non-language communication with a new friend. Founder of BCS, Magaret Shiu will teach you how making a floral design with fruit and vegetables. Besides, we also have many eco-friendly workshops such as hand-made paper, free shop, screen printing and 3D printing waste up-cycle for you to experience!

This spring, we’ve derived the vitality and creativity from the Grain Rain, and now is the time for you to come and experience the wonderful season!

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