2017 Art Manager brainstorming workshop

April 21,2017
Art Education

Do you have a vision for change?
How can we go beyond our imagination to develop ourselves?

Bamboo Curtain Studio is going to organize two-day intensive brainstorming workshop from 19th to 20th May, 2017 at TAV and BCS in Taiwan. It will enable art managers to explore their personal roles and challenges in order to broaden horizons and self-evaluate. This event has been designed to help art managers from the cultural sector to take action through engagement and innovation in art and cultural environment.

In the art field, we do not just need the producer and consumer but also support system. In order to develop a healthy eco-system, it is crucial to develop expertise in each field. The art manager’s role is to coordinate the relationships between the different communities. However, we sometimes notice that the limited career development of the art managers will damage one’s original intension and motivation. We see that there is little support for the art managers, but we see great potential in them as leaders. Our goal is to empower the art managers. Apart from professional skills, leadership is another necessary ability. It is difficult to teach since it requires time to gain experience from actual practice. Gradually, we also found out the group discussion in and between the fields are beneficial.

As organization managers or Project managers, we do need to review our professions and personal abilities. BCS would like to bring together diverse participants to share the resources, experiences and network. We will create the space for each participants to exchange and share the knowledge from the group, develop their leadership and ideas. After the end of the workshop, we encourage the participants to apply their learning and new skills when they return back to their working spaces or personal life. It is important to pass on the impact and make the influence to the whole environment.

This project is advised by Ministry of Culture. We also appreciate TAV and TASA’s space and administration support.

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