2019 "Creative Talents Program" / "Mycelium Network Society Project" Open Call RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT

Arts in Residency

A. Creative Talents Program

We would like to invite you to use the space, history, resources or managing system of BCS to continue developing the theme of “Rule of the Game”. Internally re-evaluate the accumulation of our past, and transform the energy to challenge the rigid system of the
external system, to reverse the current mindset. We welcome creative talents to propose an innovative and critical idea to rethink how to break the original rule of game. Why the current rule is not practical anymore, and how to build up a new rule? Why we need to change, and can change lead us to a better direction?

【Selected Artists】

 1. 劉純良(TW)/「聆聽・時間・發酵」

 2. CC_Issay Rodriguez and Anjo Bolarda(PH)/「B+」

 3. Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman(UK) /「Leap of Faith」

【Waiting List】

 1. 陳雯柔(TW)/「在風景消失前:碎裂與拚補」

 2. Tiare Ribeaux (CA)/「Aqua Memories - Aqua Forms」


B. Mycelium Network Society Project

Artist, Shu-Lea Cheang (Taiwan born and France base now), invite BCS to join in the Mycelium Networking Society as one of the nodes. Mycelium has its own special system. It co-exists with other species and plays a very important role in food chain. The branch of Mycelium continuously connecting, growing and influence other living species. Is it also similar like living nodes/modes of human society?This open call welcome proposals related to Mycelium. We encouraged concepts related to social engagement. Any medium is welcome.

【Selected Artist】


【Waiting List】

  Elvia Teotski (FR)/「Mycelium project」

C.  Judges:

Iris HUNG, Ping-Chi ( Managing Director of Bamboo Curtain Studio )
Po-Wei WANG ( Director of Etat Forum )
Frankie SU, Po-Chi ( Director of Hong-gah Museum )
Fiona CHENG, Hui-Wen ( 2018 BCS Creative Talent / Art Critic )


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