Water and Land: International Projects on Environmental Arts

Environments Art

This Publication introduces our exhibition "Water and Land:International Projects on Environmental Arts".

This Publication introduces our exhibiti of "Water and Land:International Projects on Environmental Arts". Which exposes the concept and the mechanism behind each art projects and tries to engage the non-art audience in the dialogues of the following questions:

  • How do art workers explore the environmental issues?
  • How do art workers employ the environmental issues as material for cultural production, and how do they manipulate?
  • Do art and cultural actions need to create a goal for the destination?
  • Is it necessary for environmental art to outcome the final productions, to make impact, or to develop the sustainability?
  • What is the meaning social participation in the environmental art?

Seven artist collectives / individuals from seven countries showcased the various ways of art production such as art action, installation, drama, literature and film documentary to depict the their problems and conflicts. It is expected that the audience can walk into the exhibit, appreciate the works and talk to us, to make this space as an art in-situ.

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