Residency Program

Pei-Ju Yeh

Pei-Ju Yeh

駐村日期:2014/04/28 - 2014/06/28
Visual Art

Born in Changhua, Taiwan, in 1983, Pei-Ju Yeh graduated from National Hsinchu University of Education, Department of Arts and Design in 2006.

For many years, She worked as an art educator and creates art works simultaneously. Her artistic philosophy is to let the time tell its stories. Through art making process, Yeh wants to reconstruct the urban images in her mind. She tries to catch the sunlight and silhouette on the wall, in between tiny gaps, and on the corners where people passed by in their daily routine but never pay attention to it. By scratching sections of dirt off the wall, she recreates the beautiful but temporary scenes to revive the glorious past for a short period. As time passes, her works will naturally diminish, by the wind, rain, or other nature factors. It creates a new memory in those who passed by it, a mark that links the past, present and future together. It is a way of reverse thinking and to retell a story of a city. “I call it reversed graffiti.” She said. In her work, it not only changes in nature but become part of the nature; and, it recreates a new page, a new memory, of the city in our minds. Her artistic philosophy is to let the time tell its stories, and to put the memories back to the beautiful natural environment, to where they belong.

Yeh was selected as the Emerging Artist of Bamboo Curtain Studio in 2014.

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