Residency Program

Reds Cheung

Reds Cheung

駐村日期:2014/07/16 - 2014/08/16
Visual Art
Hong Kong

Reds Cheung is a young talented artist who graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts. Later, He received his MA in Visual Culture Studies from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies. He specializes in Installation Art, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, and Graphic Design.

Reds Cheung is active in art societies. He was the chairman of HKBU Visual Arts Campus Development Concern Group, Vice president of Alumni Association of Academy of Visual Arts, Vice president of HKBU Student Union, Visual Arts Student Society.

Artist Reds devotes himself in art societies and plays many important roles as curator, art project coordinator, and instructor in art field. For example, he participated in “Better Community, Better Life” Community Art Project as project coordinator in 2011. In the project, he mainly coordinates a community art project with British Council Hong Kong and 6 local secondary schools, including organizing visiting artist workshop training, school workshops and public exhibition.

Reds has many curatorial works experience. Among all the curatorial works, he is most proud of “Independent” exhibition at 1a space in 2013. This display provides young artists exhibition opportunities; therefore, the young artists can show their spirits and uniqueness through their artworks.

Besides independent practice in visual arts and culture studies, Reds also has passion for teaching art. With working experience at art gallery and visual arts institute, Reds started to teach visual arts at HKICC LEE SHAU KEE SCHOOL OF CREATIVITY in 2013. He enjoys teaching both practical and theoretical skill in visual arts for students who attend in HK Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE).

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