Residency Program

Fiona Cheng

Fiona Cheng

駐村日期:2018/11/01 - 2018/12/31
Curating/ Research/ Critics

Fiona Cheng is an art critic/writer based in Taichung and Chittagong. Influenced by the surrounding environments and the context of the places, she develops her critical thinking into writing and living, contributes her text to art magazines or online media. As art critic/artist, she participated in the residency of Ruangrupa ArtLab (Indonesia), Jog Art Space (Bangladesh), and Expression Expedition 2018 (Nepal). She is the founding editor of an art writing website "".

Bamboo Curtain Studio 2014 International Residency Exchange Program
Residency Organization: Ruangrupa Art Lab Indonesia
Residency Period: 9/02-9/28

Bamboo Curtain Studio 2018 Creative Talents Program
Residency Period: 11/01-12/31

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