Residency Program

Hauritsa Haorits

Hauritsa Haorits

駐村日期:2014/10/27 - 2014/11/26
Visual Art

(Bamboo Curtain Studio 2014 International Residency Exchange Project Residency Exchange with: Ruangrupa Art Lab)

Born in 1977, graduated from the Jakarta Arts Institute majoring in Graphic Arts. He lives and works in Jakarta as a graphic designer and visual artist. Involved with Ruangrupa, also with ARTLAB, as artists and designers. His art works are mostly talking about the social, what happened between the personal and the environment, as well as reflect on the personal as objects and / or subjects of environmental issues around. He also makes short poems about whatever he feels and sometimes use the medium of visual art to present his poetry. The latest theme of his work is influenced by the song's lyrics. He doesn’t restrict the media in the work, printmaking, painting, murals, installations, video, performance art or digital art printing.

He also founded and run the Jakarta Wasted Artists (JWA) along with three other artists. JWA is an artist collective that focuses on urban issues that seem trivial but can greatly affect the order of urban life.

Works in residency

Observing what has Fiona (鄭惠文-exchanged Taiwan artist with Rungraupa)researched in several cities in Indonesia (Jakarta-Bandung-Yogyakarta) about how the art community and the society working together, collaborate for some projects, and some input from Fiona (鄭惠文-exchanged Taiwan artist with Rungraupa) about how Taipei artist worked, so there are some ideas / input for what will do in Taipei:

• Create a collaborative work with community / group around. Can be a mural or environment art (using thrift materials) and connecting with local issue.
• Create interactive work.
• Creating signage/designs/icons for some local issues, applied to some areas.
• Developing ideas above, and then applied in to merchandises / design (t-shirts, stickers, tote bag etc.)

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