Residency Program

Lin Yen-Ju

Lin Yen-Ju

駐村日期:2015/02/01 - 2015/03/30
Visual Art

Visual Art | Taiwan

Bmaboo Curtain Studio 2015 Creative Talents Residency Program

Born in 1989 in Taichung, Taiwan, Lin graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, and currently studies at the Taipei National University of the Arts MFA Program in New Media Arts. She lives and works in Taipei.

Lin works with various mediums, including painting, video, mixed media, installation, seeking compensation for existence and memory through different forms; her works often embody a historical sense of the contemporary. She often focuses on the cultural codes embedded in the environment, architecture and images, reflecting through her work signs of the other collaged into the subjectivity of her own culture. She also attempts to realize in her works a 'safe haven' for retreat when personally confronted with the internal desire to escape from reality; this internal ideal and the surrounding reality form a contrasting relationship, illustrating the complex paradoxes the artist shows for reality, therefore, affording the geographical indicators within her works a sense of distant familiarity.

Lin was elected among the 2015 Bamboo Curtain Studio's New Emerging Artists with <Stream may pillow, stone can rinse>, a project that throws the artist deep into the natural surrounding of Zhuwei, conducting cultural and historical field research of the region in search of historical images of its virgin landscape, gathering organic ready-mades from the locality, and configuring a video installation that can be inserted to a concrete space. The installation incorporates the video projection of Zhuwei’s virgin landscape and recordings of its ambient sounds. The project is a compensation to the mind through the temporary retreat to nature as one obliviates the the concrete jungle lifestyle that has become of the regional environment.

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