Residency Program

Jee Yang Lee

Jee Yang Lee

駐村日期:2015/06/01 - 2015/07/30
Visual Art

Jee Yang Lee, born in Korea, currently living and working in Seoul Korea. She graduated BA fine art and MA Image and communication at Goldsmiths College in UK.  She is the selected artist of the “International Residency Exchange Program” between Bamboo Curtain Studio and Gyeonggi Creation Center, in 2015.

She has been questioning her self about what truth is in the world of the ambiguous. Reality is full of contradiction and obscurities. It seems that there are many aspects of truth. The important thing is perspective.  Physical expression is important part of her working process to understand object furthermore the reality. She believes that it may be the way to approach towards the reality through the sense of tactility.

Relationship, interaction and conflict that occur between objects are the significant interest to her.  Every object including human beings and ideas has the probable transfiguration due to space and relation. She studies about the transition of the objects and emerge the hidden sides of them. The process of visualizing psychological and physical change within the observer and the object is to be brought the idea of nature of the object and furthermore the reality.

She has been trying to explore the idea of method of “LOOKING” mainly using photographic images. Visualizing gravity through portrait series and making images though folding and unfolding gestures have been carried on for the last few years.

One of the work she has been carried on, untitled portrait series is the photographs of people hanging upside down. She takes photographs of people hanging upside down and presented the outcomes flip again so they are looked to be up-right straight portrait. She wanted to create twisted faces express on the people who were enduring their being hung upside down. The subtle expression and tensed muscle in the people’s face is actually the subject’s will which trying hard to resist or accepting and becoming indurate against the outer force. Recently, she has concerned to develop the portrait series in typological approach. Meeting various people in different age and social status is important. Human figure in one’s uniform which reflects where the person is belong to can be read through the images.

She has been interested in of every phenomena and thing occurs in between objects, this is her reflective attitude and a viewpoint of life she holds, in particular effort that she would like to put episodes and phenomena right that residents experience from daily routine at particular region. By concerning to develop the idea in typological approach, meeting various people in different age, social status and moreover the relationship regarding to their environment is important.

During her stay at BCS and she research on local area and looking into the life and she is to broadly develop her idea further by emphasizing on the psychological topography and features, inner conflicts from the research on people who live and work in particular region.

Collaborative Organization

Bamboo Curtain Studio 2015 International Residency Exchange Project
Residency Exchange with: Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea

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