Residency Program

Tahk So-Hyeon

Tahk So-Hyeon

駐村日期:2015/10/12 - 2015/10/19
Visual Art

Tahk, So-Hyeon is resident artist of Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, but she resident at Bamboo Curtain Studio from 2015/10/12 to 10/19.

Artist Statement :

-- People anonymous

So often I come across people leisurely strolling in the street... all those passers-by anonymous... It is an incessant repetition that those Mr &Mrs Anonymouses with different faces and gestures gather and scatter, whether in the city or on my canvas. After-images of those figures come to me as a renewed landscape both near and far. This is the way those substances big or small, without discernable details settle down on my mind just like a fine sediment. It is this evanescent moment that I capture with simple brush-touches, in which the faces and gestures of those People Anonymous are expressed without fussy frills through bold omissions.  

Accentuated the intricate subtleties and caprices, resorting to the delicate, incidental and spontaneous qualities achieved by Korean paper and ink, while the suffusion of various colors mixed in with the monotonous Korean ink is a reflection of the complicated emotions of those People Anonymous. I attempted to express my curiosity about surroundings and people on my canvas with an observing eye.

Our feelings and emotions are not uncomplicated and unmixed, so do our memories change to remain as unrecognizable traces. Our unstable emotions project themselves carelessly into those human figures in the form of empty masses or stains. The margins and empty spaces created by these playful brush-touches were intended to provide emotional relaxations remindful of limitlessly expandable freedom.

Collaborative Organization

Kuandu Museum of Fine Art
Resident Dates: 2015/10/12 - 2015/11/12
Artist talk: 2015/10/21 (Wed), 13:30 Multimedia Room

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