Residency Program

Noppadon Viroonchatapun

Noppadon Viroonchatapun

駐村日期:2015/09/27 - 2015/10/11
Visual Art

Noppadon Viroonchatapun is invited by Thai curator Kongsak and Bamboo Curtain Studio as one of the six Thai Artists presenting works in “2015 Green Art Action: In Zhuwei X Art No Wall” exhibition.

Noppadon is one of prominent sculptors in Thailand. He has constantly joined several exhibitions such as Bangkok Exhibition at BAAC, “Inspiration from the King’s Songs,” the 8th Thai Art Exhibition and art exhibition by faculty members of Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts. His works combines brass, marble, ceramic, glass, sandstone, and soapstone that to present the every possibility of sculpture.

According to the name “ Noppadon ” means “ The endless sky “ in Thai, the artist takes cloud patterns as the expression of philosophy and his art pieces.

Collaborative Organization

Bamboo Curtain Studio Green Art International Project (Funds by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China (Taiwan), The Emerald Initiative-Grants for Cultural Exchanges and Collaborative Projects with Personnel from Southeast Asia)

Works in residency

Green Art Action: In ZhuWei × Art No Wall

From the river mouth to alleyways, nature and everyday lives inspire and motivate the creation of art and the mobilization of communities. In the Green Art Action exhibition, three topics surrounding Tamsui, Plum Tree Creek, and Zhuwei are discussed- Chapter One: In Zhuwei shares with the public the experiences of community participants, Chapter Two: Art No Wall tells the stories of the river through projects conducted by artists from Thailand and Taiwan about living and the environment.

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