Residency Program

Luke Ramsay

Luke Ramsay

駐村日期:2015/11/16 - 2015/11/30
Environments Art
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Luke Ramsay is an environmental scientist and low carbon energy assessor. He’s worked within the arts for the past four years – as Environmental Sustainability Manager at London-based Julie's Bicycle - helping organisations understand and reduce their environmental impacts.

At Julie's Bicycle Luke worked on a world-first pioneering policy with Arts Council England to introduce environmental reporting to all 700 or their regularly funded organisations. The project’s been a big success, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon to date. He’s also worked extensively across Europe with a diverse range of projects including Green Art Lab Alliance and EE Music. Luke has recently developed a specialism in the environmental impact of the digital world, and will be releasing a research report on the subject at the end of 2015.

Following on from the success of GALA Europe, Luke is currently based at Bamboo Curtain Studio to establish Green Arts Lab Alliance (GALA) Asia – a network of environmentally committed arts organisations from across Asia. GALA Asia will launch on December 13th where Luke will delivering a workshop. Luke will also be helping Bamboo Curtain Studio reduce their own environmental impacts during his stay.

More info about Julie's Bicycle:

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