Residency Program

Irene Joy Bawer-Bimuyag

Irene Joy Bawer-Bimuyag

駐村日期:2016/03/27 - 2016/04/30

Irene Bawer Bimuyag is a designer, weaver and conservationist. For her, weaving is not just a decorative form; it is also an important expression of Kalinga’s unique cultural identity. Irene’s works are her way of engaging with her cultural heritage as a Kalinga woman, weaving textiles that are rooted in deep, meaningful tradition. It is a language of symbols; there are endless creative possibilities to explore.

In Irene’s recent designs integrate much of what she has discovered and learned over the past few years of engaging with this medium. She believe that preservation is a limiting approach to the continuing practice of indigenous knowledge. Specializing in ethno music, She is a teacher, a facilitator, a performer and a humble student learning rhythms, dances, chants, and traditional weaving patterns of her Cordillera Culture.

This year (2016), Irene is invited by Hakka TV (Taiwan), and will have her residency in Bamboo Curtain Studio in March and April. As her field and focusing, she would love to explore traditional textile culture, traditional music and dance, and traditional Hakka dwelling and old Taiwan community, etc, in Taiwan, as a collaboration or do cultural exchanges.

Collaborative Organization

Hakka Television Station (Hakka TV)

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