Residency Program

Alex Nichols

Alex Nichols

駐村日期:2017/04/17 - 2017/05/01
Curating/ Research/ Critics
Performance Art
United States of America

ALEX NICHOLS is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer involved in Critical Contact Art. Art that explores identity, connection and communication through the bodies experience. The question at the core of Alex's work is how the body can become the place of active resistance. She is exploring identity through our bodies, specifically self in context to other. The goal is to connect and communicate through a primal language that bridges the borders of language, culture and gender.

A native of San Francisco, Alex received her MFA from CCA in 2011. She has participated in residencies and exhibited her work throughout the Bay Area including the Headlands Center for the Arts, Recology Artist in Residence Program, Southern Exposure, Berkeley Art Center, NUMU Museum, Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture and Modernism West. In 2016 she gave a lecture at AIA (American Institute of Architects).

Alex is Executive Director of TMT which is an artist collective she founded with Mushi and Qinmin Liu in 2016 in San Francisco. TMT is a collaborative space that develops projects and events that bring interdisciplinary artists and the public together to create experiences around ideas. “We built TMT on the belief that an idea must be experienced to become ones own.”

Alex and Mushi began collaborating in 2015. Their primary project is The Portable Studio. The Portable Studio is a participatory and public project that involves multiple cultures. “Our goal is to look at the core of how people communicate and connect,” says Nichols. “We are trying to push beyond gender, cultural conditioning and language conditioning, and build a

About Portable Studio:

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