Residency Program

Lab Tanya

Lab Tanya

駐村日期:2017/09/08 - 2017/10/01
Environments Art

Lab Tanya are interested in exploring, discovering, collecting various everyday practices in the community of citizens, which could be the prospect and guidance of achieving a sustainable future. Combine research, experimentation and imagination methods to trigger and generate knowledge.

They are also interested in exploring the notion of 'domestic urbanism' - either as a way of looking at the microscale or root of complexity - as the possibility of producing knowledge and finding the diversity of ways in realizing a sustainable future.

This project would like to elaborate and exercise imaginative approach that relate to art & culture to encourage social change. Art & cultural approaches as ‘liquid’ platform of co-production and co-exchange of knowledge and culture.

This project is based on community movement that promotes the principle of solidarity and justice, as an important root of future and sustainable society.

This project also close to environmental issue. We would like to put this issue close to our everyday life and as strategic issue to elaborate collective ideas about the common of our future.

Collaborative Organization

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