Residency Program

陳御辰 Chen Yu-Chen

陳御辰 Chen Yu-Chen

駐村日期:2017/09/25 - 2017/11/23

Yu-Chen Chen uses different printmaking skills to creat work and talk about the Interpersonal relationships.

"Something I'm not good at handling interpersonal relations, while the appearance is too difficult to judge the value. Because it’s unable to confirm or determine: the trustworthy, personality, character or the value of life... complex abstract style of judgment by outside looking. So in my life experience, I was frustrated and troubled by such smooth social behavior or activity. Therefore, I will respond it in my creations. With the judgments of mine, the first one will notice the eyes in the whole process. For me, I hope to respond the frustration in social relationships with the eyes contact. And how to create the abstract and fathom one into an object or interpret, is important to me on the whole creations.

My works with the image: big eyes, distorted face, grain image ... and other changes in the main image. Mainly in woodcut and mix printmaking print on canvas or paper. By the woodcut version of the irreversible characteristics, metaphor of life in the irreversible. Tell the inside words through the printing process. And the color, use the bright colors and progressive colorful layers, trying to create a manual add, artificial relationship. Work size from small to big, no matter on paper or any plane material."

Chen Yu-Chen is recommended to Zygote Press from September 25th to November 23th.

Collaborative Organization

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