Residency Program



駐村日期:2017/11/13 - 2017/11/20
Performing Art

Founded by dance artist Elysa Wendi and film producer Jeremy Chua, Cinemovement proposes to be a platform that aims to create opportunities for disruption and re-organisation in dance and film practices. It is not just about the collaborative process between two different mediums, but the idea that the form of each medium is challenged and transformed to create a new system of communication in an equal way that shifts or evolves the way we encounter each art form. 

Our objective is not set out to identity or classify a largely unexplored genre, but almost to erase reliance on conventional form and attempt to reimagine it completely instead. The platform is initiated based on the philosophy that our own contemporariness or pertinence in the dance and film scene is about disrupting a prevailing status status quo or expectation of what a dance film could be and re-organise them. We are interested in how we can make a spectator see the potentiality of “future”; to explore the unknown in the context of now.

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