Residency Program

葛谷允宏 Nobuhiro Kuzuya

葛谷允宏 Nobuhiro Kuzuya

駐村日期:2017/10/30 - 2017/11/28
Cultural Management

Apart from being one of the founding members of the artist-run space Haisyakkei, Nobuhiro Kuzuya also set up the art space cum bar 'conflict able cube' which hosts art events and live music. He also makes his own work and has participated in residency programs both domestically within Japan and overseas in Thailand.

Collaborative Organization

Kanazawa Art Port

Works in residency

I'll research about the art, food, people and place than introduce it on the web site I've made beforehand. The videos will be uploaded on instagram and YouTube.
All actions derived from the research will also be uploaded on the web site.
I'm also thinking of allowing the local people to participate in uploading the videos.
I hope I could express the differences of culture and society that I feel as an Japanese artist. The reason why I want to involve the locals is to visualize and make the differences clear.
From these differences I hope I will be able to develop my works. However since there is only so much time, I might only be able to suggest my plans for the piece at the end of this residency.

I will basically walk around and upload videos on instagram then live broadcast it on youtube. While I'm in Bamboo Curtain Studio I will cook some food with the recipe I get from my research. If you would want to cook with me please let me know!
If you have any place and food you recommend please tell! The final output I'm planning is to let people participate in some way, live board cast, conduct a party, or have a tour. I'll be thinking about it while I'm there researching.

After the 3.11 disaster, Japanese people started to realize the uncertainty of the existence of everyday.
But we do not know whether the destruction was caused by nature, civilization, society, or by a person until the disaster.
There is no way to know what makes everyday stable and unstable.
Everything is under the water and many people do not know about it.
The things that we thought were natural were in fact not as perfect as we thought. In a society that is established on uncertain things, what we have to do now is to doubt the normal and doubt our daily lives.
I think it is one of the ways for choosing a better future.

The smell of the river and the smell of drainage that I felt when I was walking in Taipei, 淡水 and Tainan during the past two weeks, gave me a smell reminiscent of the city river that I spent in my childhood, but it is not a good thing.
The river in the city flows into the 淡水河, which is also a source of water in the northern part of Taiwan. After being purified from each intake facilities, it is safely used as water supply.
The smelly river that runs into the water source for daily use is becoming natural for the people here.
Still tap water is safe and everyone uses it with confidence.
Water supports a stable daily life, and it is one of the most important elements for people to live, such as life support and use in daily life.
So, is not it necessary to doubt the daily behavior of using this water safely instead of the safety of this water?
In order to do so, by getting a feeling of drinking water from this river makes us doubt the actions of believing the invisible circumstances that are supporting our daily life.

I am seeking for an alternative way to communicate something through visual objects, not language, and now I am seeking a dialogue that involves eating and drinking.
The reason why I am trying to seek expressions involving eating and drinking is because the process of communication is born in the course of repeating through making a meal, eating with my family, which I have been daily communicating with since I was a child.
Currently it is carried out also in the BAR which it is done in Japan, intermediary eating and drinking in a dialogue with others, trying to create a dialogue with society through that dialogue.
I will like to present it with two methods this time.
One is a cocktail of water using only river water and ice, imitating a cocktail I do in the BAR I am running in Japan.
The other one simulates a jelly of water that has come to be seen frequently in Japan for several years, this is a confection for enjoying the taste of water.
In Taiwan, jelly-like food is considered to be a food that evokes everyday life in Taiwan, because we often see sweets of jelly here.
The river water used here uses water that has been filtered and distilled beforehand.
If possible, I would like to actually filter and distill wither at that place.
Of course, the decision to eat or not to eat is left to participants.

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